The Best Weight Loss App – Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

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The Best Weight Loss App – Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Goals

There is nothing that smartphones can’t do. From taking pictures, watching movies, you can now use a smartphone to track weight loss. Weight loss apps have proved to be more effective because most people are usually just a phone away. So, is it possible to enlist the use of applications to help you lose weight? Sure. If you are struggling to lose weight, do you need an app and what are some of the best weight loss apps currently?

Why Do You Need A Weight Loss App?

These applications have changed the way we monitor and track weight loss. Generally, you need to install a weight loss application if you are keen about reaching your weight loss goals. Most of them can help you track your food intake, offer alternative healthier recommendations, notify you of progress, provide motivation, and support among others.

Some of these apps are diet specific, beginner-friendly, provide healthy restaurant options, offer details about portion sizes, and how to practice mindful eating etc.  These apps provide you with convenience and better accessibility to healthier meal options.

Best Weight Loss Apps

Weight loss apps have managed to provide millions of users with vital information which they need to reach their wellness goals. They help to eliminate diet and workout confusion by providing users with all the details that an overweight person needs so as to achieve their weight loss goals.

Some of the best weight loss apps include:

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

This is one of the best weight loss apps that’s designed by the renowned Weight Watchers Company. The main objective of this app is to help overweight people who participate in Weight Watchers with a guide on how they can reduce their usual calorie intake. The app normally assigns various foods with ‘points’ based on the amount of sugar content, saturated fat, and calories. If the food has high levels of the said components, then it will have higher “points”.

The app assigns every user specific ‘points’ which they are required to achieve based on their weight loss goals. Weight Watchers has a calorie intake calculator that helps users to track their feeding habits. Additionally, the app has a barcode scanner that makes it very easy to input food details.

  • It has a wide range of healthy food recipes.
  • Contains user-friendly features which shows the user progress through graphs and other details.
  • It comes with a connect page that links you to the social community of Weight Watchers.
  • You cannot use this app if you aren’t a member of the Weight Watchers
  • This isn’t one of free weight loss apps that you can just download. It costs approximately $9.00 weekly to use Weight Watchers.

Fit Bit

It’s a popular weight loss application that helps users to easily track their workout habits. Fitbit is normally used with an activity tracker that’s wearable. It tracks the level of physical activity by taking the number of steps of walked, stairs climbed, as well as the heart rate. Additionally, you can use it to track your water and food intake. This is a goal-oriented application that can also be used to manage your sleeping habits.

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This app has a community feature which allows users to connect and interact with close family and friends who use it. Besides that, you will get progress updates and how close or far you are to your weight loss goals. With Fitbit, you are guaranteed of an “award” anytime you attain a milestone.

  • Users are provided with all the necessary information which they need in order to reach their weight loss goals
  • It’s an easy-to-use application which shows progress
  • Keeps users motivated
  • You need to own a Fitbit device in order to use this app

Lose It!

One of the best weight loss apps that’s mainly focused on tracking weight and counting calories. Lose It! Analyzes your wellness needs based on age, health goals, and weight. It provides users with customized weight loss goals and generates their daily caloric intake.

Once you have established your weight loss plan, use this app to record your daily food intake. This is easy to do because it has a database that contains more than seven million different foods. Additionally, Lose It! has details of brands and some restaurant items. There is also a barcode scanner which you can use to add some of your favorite foods into the app’s food log.

Lose It! Gives users progress notifications. You will be able to get daily or weekly information about your calorie intake. This unique application also comes with a feature that’s known as ‘Snap It’ that allows users to comfortably track their portion sizes by just taking food pictures.

  • It contains verified nutrition information
  • Has the unique ‘Snap It’ feature that allows users to take pictures of their meals
  • It’s one of the free weight loss apps that’s versatile and easy to use
  • You can sync it with other fitness apps
  • You can’t use it to keep track of nutrients that you are consuming
  • The database doesn’t contain all the popular food brands



Counting calories has proved effective in helping overweight people to achieve their weight loss goals. MyFitnessPal id a popular app which calculates the user’s caloric needs every day. It contains a comprehensive database that has more than 5 million types of food. MyFitnessPal allows you to easily log your meals and then provides you with the calorie and nutrient breakdown. You can use this app to generate multiple reports which include a pie chart that can offer an overview of your daily protein, carb and fat consumption.

If you want to consume prepackaged foods, MyFitnessPal comes with a barcode scanner that facilitates easy logging of various packaged foods. Additionally, you can use it to search for recipes that can accelerate weight loss.

  • Easy and convenient to use. The app has a feature that’s known as “Quick Add” which helps to track the number of calories you have consumed
  • It can be synced with other fitness applications like Fitbit
  • Free basic version
  • The nutrition information found in the database may not be 100 percent accurate
  • It’s not easy to use this app to adjust portion sizes
  • Its premium version is costly.



Do you want to learn how making healthy food choices can help you lose weight? Fooducate has all the information that you need during grocery shopping. It makes the whole process of navigating and selecting groceries easier. It’s like a nutrition scanner which uses a barcode that allows you to scan and get detailed information about your purchases.

What makes Fooducate unique is that its scanner notifies you about all the unhealthy ingredients which are usually hidden in “healthy” food products like corn syrup which contains high amounts of fructose and trans-fat. Apart from that, this app also gives you healthier and better alternatives which you can purchase.

  • It has a grading system which assists users to make healthier purchases
  • You can use this app to scan allergens found in food such as gluten.
  • It has tools which you can use to track your daily calorie intake and exercise habits
  • Most functions are only available in the premium version


Weight loss requires you to have an effective weight management system. This app mainly focuses on giving users all the support they need. You can use it to log in your calorie intake, track your weight, and also join a community of like-minded people with its chat feature.

Note: Joining a community group especially for social support will help you to be more successful in attaining as well as maintaining your weight loss goals. FatSecret features a large database of healthy recipes as well as a journal where you can record your personal information e.g. success, failures, progress etc.

  • One of the free weight loss apps that are designed with high-quality features
  • Shows your daily calorie intake and monthly average
  • This app help users to monitor progress
  • It has a large food database with various supermarket and restaurant foods
  • Has so many unnecessary features
  • Not easy to navigate its many components

Benefits of Weight Loss

Obesity is a condition that affects millions of people all over the world. However, weight loss apps have proved to be effective in helping a large number of individuals who want to attain a certain level of fitness.

Being physically fit has multiple benefits and some include:

  • Improving your mental health
  • Enhancing your self-esteem
  • Reducing the risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss is a journey that involves many tools and various lifestyle changes. Applications are some of the tools that can quickly help you reach your weight loss goals and provide you with the necessary support. Many of the above-mentioned apps are mainly tracking tools which are used to monitor exercise habits, food/calorie intake and weight loss progress. Although they may have some downsides, they are generally beneficial. You should definitely try to experiment with one of them if you are struggling to lose weight.



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