Best Meal Replacement Shakes Reviews for Weight Loss

Best Meal Replacement Shakes Reviews for Weight Loss


Meal Replacement Shakes have really exploded in recent years. More and more people are dropping their everyday diet to try them out, but few know exactly what they are signing up for.

Here, we will try and broaden your horizon when it comes to the ins and outs of quality meal replacement shakes. Shakes such as Vega One, Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake, Isagenix, and Shakeology. Meal Replacement Shakes aren’t for everyone. They are designed to be substituted for one, two, or even all three of your daily meals. Most people use Meal Replacement Shakes as a quick and easy way to successfully lose weight and still get all the necessary nutrients their bodies may need.


When explaining what a meal replacement shake IS, it may be best to explain first, what it is NOT. Meal replacement shakes are not a magic powder that will help you shed all your pesky fat with little to no work. While they do have many good nutrients your body needs, they are NOT a protein shake and they are not a starvation method (Yes, you can still eat). Meal Replacement shakes take time, dedication, and a real want to make a lifestyle change. If you want a successful experience with Meal Replacement shakes, you’re going to have to do more than just mix and drink.

Meal Replacement products are processed meal substitutes that come in the form of powder, bar, or soup. Meal replacement shakes are a powder normally packaged inside either a bag or a bottle. Users mix the powder with either milk or water and perhaps choice fruits or veggies to make a yummy shake-like meal. Consumers use these shakes in place of any of their regular daily meals. Most meal replacement shakes contain controlled amounts of necessary calories and nutrients to keep track of those numbers for you. Not all, but most shakes also include amazing amounts of vitamins and minerals that are good for your body and help ensure healthy weight loss.

With every meal plan, you should first discuss it with your doctor or dietician before using any product. To have a successful experience in losing weight with any diet shake, diet and exercise are also a necessity. Eating right and getting fit go hand in hand. Meal Replacement Shakes are just here to make that process quicker and easier. It’s all about finding the right weight loss shake for you!


Anyone and everyone can use nutritional meal replacement shakes. While most shakes are used primarily to help in losing weight, a lot of people opt for them as a means of convenience.

I, personally, know the struggles that everyday life has to offer when you’re constantly on the run. Between work, school, kids, and the gym where is there even any time to eat? 150,000 Americans today are struggling with weight loss. Arguably because fast food is the only convenient alternative in today’s society. Wrong! Instead of stopping at your nearest fast food chain, why not spend your money on a product that is quick, easy, delicious, AND good for you?

The best meal replacement shakes cost between $2 and $5 per serving. There is no debating that with the prices of fast food meals rising, that you wouldn’t be also saving money!

When I say “meal replacement protein shakes”, and who uses them, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is a gym buff with lots of muscles taking a gym selfie! But these products are for anyone. I’m a mom of 3 and I have a shake in the morning before my morning walks to help in losing a little extra baby fat still holding on for dear life.

Meal replacement shakes are hugely popular with businessmen and women looking for a quick meal on the way out the door. School teachers have discussed the convenience of being able to have their meal in a drinking bottle to consume during lessons. These products are not limited to anyone. Even people suffering with digestive issues such as Crohn’s disease, who lack the appetite necessary to consume enough calories throughout their day, are now relying on protein shakes and diet shakes.


Benefits of nutritional diet shakes vary from person to person. High quality shakes can keep an individual full for hours at a time. Making the munchies throughout the day a little more bearable or completely non-existent! As stated above, meal replacement shakes are a quick and easy alternative to having a full meal. So instead of resorting to fast food before work, why not mix yourself up a yummy vegan vanilla weight loss shake with Orgain Organic Nutritional diet shake? There are multiple diet shakes that are vegan and 100% natural. You can actually pronounce the ingredients and it sets aside wondering what you are putting in your body.

They detox your body and taste great. These same shakes, such as Vega One Nutrition shake, contain no dairy, no soy, no artificial flavorings and no artificial sweeteners.

Another high-quality shake called 310 Shakes only contains 90 calories and 15g of protein per serving. This is absolutely amazing for a meal replacement shake. Shakes that have higher levels of protein and lower levels of vitamins and minerals are more considered protein shakes. Not to confuse the two, protein shakes are more for weightlifting and bodybuilding whereas meal replacement shakes are better for overall health and weight loss. While protein shakes can be used to replace meals, it is suggested that you replace the vitamins and minerals they don’t provide with something that can throughout your day.

Probably the most overlooked benefit of meal replacement shakes would have to be just the overall better health you will be in when you decide to make the commitment and stick to it. In the beginning, you will feel the noticeable change your body is starting to make. Especially if you haven’t lived the healthiest lifestyle up to date. Your body will first begin detoxing and trying to rid itself of the unhealthy ingredients you’ve been consuming in fast food and other processed foods. When your body does finally adjust, you will feel 100% better than you ever thought possible! Feeling good is only the beginning.


Some drawbacks can include forgetting that you must also diet and exercise. Believing that drinking diet shakes alone will help you get healthy and lose weight is a mistake. There isn’t a product out there that you can just consume and magically be fit. That isn’t how it works and it’s a common misconception. Meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, and diet shakes definitely make the process easier, but diet and exercise are absolutely required.

When trying to find a meal plan that works for you, you must look out for shakes with less desirable ingredients. Fiber, protein, low sugar carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics tend to be reoccuring ingredients in most shakes. Although some can and do contain processed ingredients. Try to avoid any shakes with questionable ingredients such as soy fructose, artificial flavoring or sugars, fillers, or high protein and low vitamins.


As stated above, it’s smart to pay attention to exactly what is in any meal replacement shake BEFORE you decide to buy and try it. Some companies don’t promise your money back. So be sure to be happy with what is in your shake before purchase. Most any shake you find is going to contain varying amounts of calories, protein, carbs, sodium, and sweeteners. Some all natural shakes, such as Vega One, contain a plant based sweetener known as stevia extract. We adore organic ingredients, but a lot of Vega One reviews noted that too much stevia can be less than tasty or “too sweet”.

A meal replacement shake such as Shakeology contains vitamins C, D, E, K1, B6, and B12. As well as, folic acid, biotin, iron, calcium, and niacin, just to name a few. Isagenix is another meal replacement shake that has all of these ingredients aside from vitamin K1.

There are shakes that have little to no vitamins at all but they can probably be better considered as protein shakes, which are mainly meant for weightlifting. One such example would be Quest Nutrition, which has no vitamins and very little nutrients but is sitting at 22g of protein. Most shakes will contain the same basic ingredients but again, they do vary. So it’s best to do your research, learn what is in each shake, and find what is best for you as an individual.


I’ve already mentioned a few of the best meal replacement shakes.

Herbalife is another shake with only 90 calories per serving, and only 1g of sugar. While this isn’t bad at all, it does however contain 13g of carbs and artificial sweeteners. The price also varies from product to product. Again, this isn’t bad at all, but it may not be what you’re looking for. Shakeology is a very popular weight loss shake with 130 calories, 7g of sugar, 14g or carbs, and no artificial sweeteners. Price per serving is a bit higher though at $4.33.

Shakeology is a very popular weight loss shake with 130 calories, 7g of sugar, 14g or carbs, and no artificial sweeteners. Price per serving is a bit higher though at $4.33. Shakeology has chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes which have all gotten very good reviews on taste. These are just a few of their many flavors.

Vega One is a very popular plant-based meal substitute diet shake. The ingredients are all natural and vegan. It’s a high quality meal replacement shake that can conveniently replace any and all of your daily meals and still give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs throughout the day. There is no dairy, no soy, no GMOs, no artificial flavorings or sweeteners, and only 1g of sugar. Price per serving is $2.62. It is certainly a shake worth looking into!

When choosing the best meal replacement shake for you, it is important to keep in mind the price of a regular fast food meal that you would normally be spending your money on. With this in mind, it is difficult to debate that the best weight loss shakes wouldn’t be saving you money in the long run. Also, it is good to be sure that what you are purchasing is exactly what you’re looking for.

Meal replacement shakes and protein shakes are not the same product and will have different results on your diet regime. Diet and meal replacement shakes are made as a meal substitute in place of a regular meal. Protein shakes can also be substituted, but it is not recommended that they are used to replace all meals throughout the day. This is because most do not contain much needed vitamins and minerals. Protein shakes are better for bodybuilding and weightlifting to help with muscle building.


Again, meal replacement shakes and diet shakes aren’t for everyone and it is smart to keep in mind that this is not a magical potion that will instantly drop the pounds. Diet and exercise are always a necessity and consulting with your doctor or dietician before use is highly recommended. That way you can both come to an agreement on what shake is best for you, your weight loss goals, and your daily lifestyle.

Meal replacement shakes offer the consumer an alternative fix that will help lead you to a new and healthier lifestyle. I personally struggled with the daily munchies. I tried a couple of shakes before settling with 310 Shake. It provided me the necessary vitamins and minerals I needed to help get back into that bikini for the summer! 310 shake trumped my daily cravings and kept me full for hours at a time, which I absolutely loved and needed. I also noticed an increase in energy when I decided it was time to cut out soda and fast food. I’ve already hit my goal weight but I still have at least one shake a day for either lunch or dinner as these were the meals I always struggled not to overeat it.

Literally, anyone looking for a quick, easy, and healthy way to change their life around and start getting fit is an eligible candidate for meal replacement diet shakes. If you find yourself constantly struggling to find time in the mornings to eat, and end up settling for fast foods, this is absolutely perfect for you.

Meal replacement shakes take just a few minutes out of your morning routine to prepare. There is little to no clean-up. Just blend and go! If you’re completely fed up with the meal plans and diet pills that don’t seem to be giving you the results you wanted, say no more. Meal replacement shakes, bars, and soups are revolutionizing how regular people (just like you!) are losing weight and changing their lives! Too many times have we been disappointed in other weight loss diets and supplements. It’s time for a CHANGE. Below is a link to a site that specializes in the reviews of some of the best weight loss shakes.

There you will find all of the shakes I discussed above, along with health facts, ingredients, and links to the company sites.

Best Meal Replacement shakes review will certainly help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


Without a doubt, the best meal replacement shakes are a life changing decision that you as an individual need to make and stick with. It acts as a promise and a commitment that you must make to yourself. Below are just a few testimonials from regular people around the United States that have tried meal replacement shakes and haven’t looked back. There is no ifs, and, or buts about these products. You make the choice, find the product perfect for you, make the purchase and start the beginning of your new life and new you. All it takes is that first decision.

Tina, 46: “I cannot for the life of me understand why I waited this long to decide to give shakes a try! I’m almost mad at myself. Meal replacement shakes are the solution to my belly fat that I have been needing basically since I had my children. I found a shake with only 90 calories… 90! Meals I was eating out were closer to 1,000. Probably the best part about it is, I don’t have to calorie count! I just scoop, mix my fruits and veggies, (sometimes nuts) water, and GO. This has been an absolute lifesaver.”

Bruce, 36: “I started out slow, just having a protein bar in the beginning. Initially had a gym buddy of mine whom referred me to a high protein diet shake. Which is how i eventually found out about shakes you could drink in place of an actual meal. I used and found Vega One meal replacement shake. It fell right into place with the vegan lifestyle I had been struggling to get the hang of. I feel better, look better, and I think I finally found the love of my life! We both enjoy our vegan shakes together in the mornings before heading to work. Best. Decision. EVER.”

Jennifer, 24: “I happened upon Quest Nutrition after reading about meal replacement shakes. I work and go to college. Before I found Quest I spent way more money on fast food and eating out than I care to admit. At $1.25 a shake, I am saving a ton of money and it has kickstarted much healthier eating habits now. I’ve lost a few pounds and managed to tone up with all the walking I do on campus. I’ve even got a few friends interested in the absolutely delicious flavors! I found this just in time. I am getting married in a few months and getting fit was a huge stress. So thankful!”

Tina, 28: “I love that I am getting so many vitamins and nutrients in every drink I have. I used to take a vitamin in pill form every morning along with my greasy breakfast. I put the pills away and started mixing shakes! They are quick and easy and in no time at all, I am out the door. I love the flavors that my product provides and the overall convenience of it all. I’ve finally got my husband to try them and he was super surprised when he ended up loving them. We go for walks in the morning, have our shakes, then he is off to work. The shakes give me the energy I need to keep up with our twin girls!”


Without a doubt, high quality meal replacement shakes, when used properly, can be a life changing experience. Again, this is not a starvation method. While dieting is highly recommended, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on spoiling your taste buds. There are too many delicious shakes out there just waiting to be found.

Pop on over and take a look around. We are positive that it includes a shake that will be just perfect for you!

All in all, we give meal replacement shakes two thumbs up! From personal experience as well as reading hundreds of testimonials, they are definitely raising the standards in losing weight, getting fit, and helping to create a happier and healthier version of you. Don’t waste another second or cent on that processed mystery “meat” the fast food business is feeding you. It’s time to take control of your life AND your weight! Are you ready?