Finding the right meal replacement shake isn’t easy especially when the supplement market is filled with a wide range of products. There are many supplements which are marketed as the top meal replacement shakes but are they even effective? 18 shake and Herbalife are not only popular, but their efficiency is something that has been proved. So, what makes these two supplements great? Besides that, how do they fair when they are compared against each other? To find out more on this below is a comparison review of 18 shake and Herbalife shake.

What is 18 shake

It’s an exceptional meal replacement that helps consumers to lose their weight by replacing or skipping their meals. 18 shake is an efficient appetite suppressor that provides users with long hours of satiety. The low-calorie meal replacement shake is sold in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. This meal replacement heavily relies on its dual-protein as an effective formula for weight loss.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a supplement that is normally used as a food substitute. It is formulated using a wide variety of herbal ingredients. It contains quality nutrients that help to promote a natural process of weight loss while improving the overall health of the dieter. What makes Herbalifepopular is that although it’s an effective product, the company still advocates for a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife Company still highlights the benefits of healthy nutrition and healthy living which includes healthy personal routines and workouts. Herbalife is available in a variety of flavors such as Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Banana Caramel, and Wild Berry among many others.


18 Shake Vs Herbalife Shake: Nutrition Comparison

The benefits of a meal replacement when it comes to weight loss heavily relies on its ingredients. A low-calorie Shake that rich in fiber and also protein is a great weight loss product. So between 18 Shake and Herbalife, which supplement is better? Well, the best way to determine this is to have a look at their nutrient content.


Consumer reviews show that the most effective weight loss products need to have very few numbers of calories. A weight loss process cannot be effective if the Shake has high calories. This is because high calorie intake leads to increased absorption of ingredients such as fatwhich leads to weight gain.  Form the Herbalife reviews, this meal replacement Shake contains 170 calories, almost twice the amount of 18 Shake which only has 90 calories per serving.


The efficiency of a Shake, especially for muscle preservation and development depends on its protein content. Most Shakes that are used to accelerate the growth of lean muscles and improve lean mass usually contain high amounts of protein. As a matter of fact, the higher the protein content, the better a meal replacement Shake is for suppressing hunger. This comparison review indicates 18 Shake ingredients have a much higher protein content than Herbalife. The former has 15g while the latter has about 9g of protein for each serving.


A meal replacement should have high amounts of fiber for it to be effective. Low amounts of fiber mean that the supplement won’t be effective in curbing hunger or suppressing appetite for a couple of hours. Fiber is also important for a smooth digestion process. Just like with calories and protein, 18 Shake is still a winner in this category comparison. It contains 5g of dietary fiber for every serving. This is a much higher level compared to Herbalife’s 3g for each serving.



Most people are usually attracted to a meal replacement because of sweetness. However, too much sugar content isn’t ideal for meal replacement Shakes. The low the amount of sugar in a supplement, the better it is in promoting weight loss. Some of the best Shakes don’t even have sugar at all because sugar can easily slow down weight loss and result in weight gain. Herbalife’s high sugar content makes it an unattractive weight loss. 9g of sugar for each serving is an extremely high amount. Meanwhile, 18 Shake has only a gram of sugar for every serving.

Herbalife Shake vs 18 shake: Working Mechanisms

Both Herbalife and 18 Shake are meal replacements. This means that they have similar working mechanisms. They either work by reducing the hunger pangs by creating a feeling of satiety. Besides that, they also accelerate the burning of body fat, which is required in order for weight loss to be effective.

Type of Protein Blend

For starters, these two Shakes contain protein. Form Herbalife reviews, it contains soy protein isolate while 18 Shake contains the duo or double protein complex i.e. whey protein concentrate and whey protein complex. All these help to ensure that the consumer is satiated for a long period of time. These protein sources also help to ensure that the weight loss process is well while promoting the preservation of lean mass. But between whey and soy protein, which one is the best? Well, whey is obtained from animals hence it’s not suitable for a vegan diet. However, the soy protein in Herbalife makes it vegan-friendly. It’s suitable for people who are intolerant to lactose.

Type of Fiber Blend

18 Shake has Fibersol-2, a superior type of fiber with a dual formula. Meanwhile, Herbalife reviews show that it has a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber. It has maltodextrin, citrus fiber, soy fiber, and inulin and cellulose powder. The combination of these fibers provides a powerful satiating effect. The fiber blend help to suppress weight and reduce hunger. It ensures that the dieter ends up experiencing a natural weight loss process.


18 Shake vs Herbalife Shake: Safety and Dosage

These products are regarded as effective meal replacements. They contain ingredients which are safe for human use. All the ingredients that are used to make 18 Shake or Herbalife have been certified by the FDA. However, the Shakes themselves have not been approved by the FDA hence consumers should try and exercise caution while taking either of the supplement.

In terms of dosage, there is no regulatory mechanism that can be used to determine these. 18 Shake and Herbalife are sold in packages that contain multiple servings. It’s recommended that the user should take a single serving per day. However, some people sometimes end up taking two servings per day. It’s important to know that either of the meal replacement shouldn’t be used more than twice per day.

18 Shake and Herbalife: Downsides

18 Shake and Herbalife reviews show that these diet Shakes come with a lot of benefits. For those who want to manage weight and lead healthy lives, 18 Shake and Herbalife offer healthy weight loss options with long-lasting effects. However, these supplements still have downsides.


They are Highly Processed

These meal replacement Shakes are highly processed. Herbalife, for instance, contains synthetic vitamins, fibers, emulsifiers, and flavors among others. The resulting product is a high-calorie supplement with over 9g of sugar per serving. Reports from the world health organization indicate that a consumer shouldn’t take high amounts of added sugars as they have harmful health effects.

They Are Not Real Foods

Meal replacements are food substitutes. They don’t have enough minerals and vitamins which the body require for normal functions. For example, 18 Shake has only 90 calories. This is a very low amount for an adult.  Consuming a meal replacement as a substitute means that the dieter will end feeling hungry after a couple of hours only. Furthermore, the lack of all the essential nutrients may cause fatigue and exhaustion.

Overall, weight loss supplements should be used with caution. Their common side effects include cramps, headaches, nausea, anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite, and case of any unusual symptoms, please seek medical advice as soon as possible.

18 Shake and Herbalife: Consumer Reviews

Overall, the use of these meal replacement Shakes provides consumers with a lot of benefits. From professional and user reviews, the efficacy of 18 Shake and Herbalife is termed as positive. A vast majority of the consumers claim that using 18 Shake or Herbalife has helped them to reach their weight loss goals. The hunger suppressing protein and fiber blend, as well as the wide array of superfoods, has been great in promoting faster and safer weight loss.

Product To Check Out

However, Herbalife weight loss products should be used with caution. Professional reviews indicate that the use of herbal supplements can cause liver damage. 18 Shake reviews show that it’s an effective weight loss product although its low-calorie count isn’t effective for suppressing hunger for long hours. Users end up feeling hungry just a few minutes after taking it.

Final Thoughts

Herbalife and 18 Shake are all great for weight loss. But when it comes to choosing the best meal replacement between the two, 18 Shake is the winner. The vegan-friendly meal replacement Shake has everything that a dieter needs for a healthy and natural weight loss process. It has high amounts of calories and fiber. Additionally, it has very few calories compared to Herbalife. The protein found in 18 Shake is safe for use by people who are intolerant to lactose which makes it a versatile meal replacement.



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