Blackberry: Nutrition, Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Blackberry: Nutrition, Health Benefits and Side Effects

About Blackberry

A blackberry is a tart, sweet fruit that has a citrus flavor. They are normally added as toppings to drinks such as yogurt in smoothies, or as salads. The robust dark blue fruits are versatile and they are normally used for a number of functions. Apart from being known as blackberries, they are also known as dewberry, brambles or brambleberries.

Blackberries Nutrition Facts

A look at the blackberries nutrition facts indicates that these sweet fruits can easily satisfy even those who have a sweet tooth. The low-calorie blackberry has low glycemic rate and it is suitable for those who want to lose weight, especially individuals on a low-calorie diet plan. Outlined below is the blackberry nutrition facts per cup.

  • 15g of carbs
  • 7.5g of fiber
  • 2g of protein
  • 62 calories
  • 1 g of fat

Blackberry nutrition also shows that fruits contain 30 mg of vitamin C which accounts for 50 percent of the recommended daily requirements. In addition to that, they also contain high amounts of vitamin K, Vitamin E, Manganese, Folate, copper, magnesium and potassium. From the above blackberries nutrition facts, it’s clear that they can be easily incorporated in any healthy diet plan.

Health Benefits of Blackberries

What makes these berries amazing is that they are delicious fruits that contain a wide range of health benefits. The antioxidant-rich fruit has a wide range of nutrients which help to improve various functions of the body. The nutrients can fight anything, from the simplest skin problems to complex diseases such as cancer. In addition to that, blackberries can be used with almost any food type. Some of their benefits include:

  • Improving the Brain Function

Improving the Brain Function

These nutrient-rich fruits contain healthy and beneficial ingredients that help to improve mental health. Various studies which are based on memory retention and the motor skills established that these fruits have high chances of improving the functions of the brain. It’s because of this reason that they are used with some of the foods that enhance mental performance. Individuals suffering from memory loss can take them for short-term improvement of memory.

From the blackberries nutrition facts, Manganese, one of the ingredients that are found in berries helps to improve brain function. Note that the brain synapses usually contain manganese. Additionally, the brain of epileptic individuals contains fewer amounts of manganese. This ingredient is crucial for the functioning of the brain synapses. Overall, Manganese helps to prevent the degeneration of brain cells, improving their functions.

  • It May Inhibit Cancer

According to reports from medical research, blackberries nutrition has the ability to reduce the chances of contracting cancer. The fruits contain the polyphenols antioxidants which have the ability to fight cancer in the body. The anthocyanin polyphenol that’s found in high concentration in blackberries is believed to be the main agent that may slow down the growth or prevent the onset of cancer. It’s been established that these fruits reduce chances of cell mutation that initially triggers cancer. Blackberries are used to prevent the development of prostate, breast, oral and colon cancer.

  • Regulating Menstrual Cycle

Most females usually struggle with painful pre-menstrual syndrome. However, the PMS symptoms can be effectively dealt with by introducing blackberries in your diet. The fruits contain high amounts of vitamin K which helps to regulate the hormones. Additionally, the vitamin also helps to clot the blood, reducing chances of excessive bleeding. The end result is that a woman will end up with less painful cramps, especially during heavy menses. Besides that, the calcium and manganese found in these berries also help to eliminate the physical and mental symptoms of PMS.

  • Enhances Immunity

Enhances Immunity

As stated above, these fruits are rich in antioxidants which have numerous health benefits. Blackberries help to improve the immunity of the body, fight infections and reduce the effects of inflammation. They are fruits which can be consumed on regular basis in order to prevent the body from experiencing effects of inflammation and oxidative stress that result to various diseases. Be aware that the root cause of most diseases is inflammation. The body naturally responds to harmful compounds through inflammation but some types of food may promote it.

These fruits enhance immunity by reducing the effects of inflammation. They allow the body’s response mechanism to harmful compounds to happen naturally, slowing down an overdrive of the process of inflammation. Studies have established that blackberries can reduce stomach ulcers. The Ellagitannins antioxidant that’s found in them helps to reduce inflammation along the stomach’s mucosal lining. Additionally, they also help to reduce the oxidative stress that causes ulcers.

Apart from that, blackberry nutrition shows that the antioxidants also help to protect the body from free radicals. These radicals are caused by exposure to the sun’s rays, certain medications and consuming too much processed foods. They lower the body’s immune response and cause premature aging. Blackberry nutrition indicates that the antibacterial activity of these fruits is what protects the body from contracting diseases. For instance, the fruits reduce the effects of oral infections by simply targeting cells that are infected. They are powerful agents which are used to treat various infections.

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health

Vitamin K is an ingredient that helps to improve cardiovascular health. It helps to reduce the hardening of the arteries by eliminating calcium from the blood system. Vitamin K helps to regulate the blood pressure and it reduces chances of heart attack. This ingredient helps to eliminate the inflammation of cells found along the arteries and veins. The anthocyanins polyphenols found in blackberries help to prevent heart failure and endothelial dysfunction.

  • Promoting Weight Loss

These berries are low-calorie fruits are rich in fiber. Note that fiber helps to promote the feeling of satiety. It helps to reduce the dieter’s calorie intake by curbing hunger and preventing binge eating. By reducing the daily calorie intake, berries create a calorie deficit in the body that leads to fat being converted to fuel.

  • They Promote the Development of Healthy Skin

They Promote the Development of Healthy Skin

Blackberries nutrition facts show that these are antioxidant-rich fruits. The wide array of healthy compounds including vitamin C help to improve the skin health. It increases the production of collagen and prevents premature skin aging. Through various antioxidant activities, the berries protect the skin keratinocytes from damage by the Ultra-Violet rays. Anthocyanins polyphenols help to replenish and protect the epidermis. In addition to those, the antioxidants help to nourish it, giving it a smooth and supple look.

Side Effects of Blackberries

From the blackberries nutrition, these fruits are highly nutritious hence they only have many benefits. If they are consumed in moderate amounts, they have a lot of advantages. However, if they are consumed in large amounts, they can cause certain health problems. Additionally, the sweetened versions of these fruits can also result in side effects due to the high sugar content.

  • Added Sugars

Added Sugars

Always ensure that you eat natural unprocessed berries. They have low sugar content with fewer side effects. A sample of the blackberry nutrition shows that a cup of canned berries contain more than 50g of sugar and it can increase the blood sugar levels. Apart from that, foods that are rich in sugar can cause obesity.

  • Excess Fiber Content

These fruits contain high fiber content naturally. One cup of blackberries contains almost 8g of fiber. Although high fiber content in a diet can help to reduce the chances of heart disease, some people may end up with serious side effects. Individuals with digestive problems like diverticulitis should avoid these fruits.

  • Change in the Color of Urine

Change in the Color of Urine

A normal healthy urine usually has a golden-yellow pale color. Blackberries have strong and conspicuous pigmentation that can cause a change in the color of urine. Note that if experience a discolored urine for more than five days, then seek medical assistance.

Where to Buy Blackberries

Blackberries are readily available fruits that can be purchased from multiple outlets. They can be bought from the local grocery stores as well as supermarkets. Note that their price usually varies depending on the amount as well as how they are processed.

When purchasing blackberries, choose a bunch that is still plump, firm and dry with a dark-purple color. Avoid blackberries which have different color shades, spots etc. as they could be already damaged. Furthermore, always buy from your local stores because this means that they are fresh, sweeter and healthier.

How to Prepare Blackberries

These fruits can be eaten in a number of ways. It can be used to prepared smoothies or sprinkled on yogurt and cereal. Besides that, the berries can be added to baked foods, salads as well as grains. The mode of their preparation depends on what they are being used for. If it’s as a snack, you can consume it raw and if it’s with smoothies then it should be blended.

Final Thoughts

These beneficial fruits have a high mineral and vitamin content. Additionally, they contain numerous antioxidants as well as high level of fiber. Blackberry nutrition shows that they are low-calorie fruits that are versatile. They can be easily added to any diet type, especially low-carb and low-fat diet. Apart from weight loss, they also help to enhance various functions of the body. The sweet fruits can be enjoyed as part of salads, a smoothie or a snack.


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