A Brief Introduction About Garden of Life and Vega One Protein

Garden of Life is a company that manufactures different wellness products including the Garden of Life protein, vitamins, and probiotics. The company also has products that have been designed specifically for men, women and pre-natals.  Garden of Life protein contains whole foods that have been certified gluten-free and vegan.

Vega One protein powder is another plant-based supplement that is dairy-free. It contains high levels of amino acids which help to preserve lean muscles and improve the health of the body. Vega One protein powder is a non-GMO supplement that is free of gluten. The vegan-friendly meal replacement features a lot of wholesome foods including fruits and vegetables. While these two meal replacements seem to have the same features, which is the most preferred by dieters? To help you choose the most suitable product, the review below contains comprehensive details of these diet supplements.


Garden of Life vs Vega One Protein: Ingredients

The fuel that determines how effective a meal replacement will be is its contents. Ingredients contain all the essential compounds which are required by the body for an improved immunity and organ function, better digestive health, reduced appetite and most importantly, the metabolism of the fat cells.

Garden Of Life Protein Ingredients 

Garden of Life meal replacement contains a wide range of ingredients. The nutrition content of these ingredients can be found on the product’s label & the official Garden of Life website. Some of the main ingredients found in this product include:

Organic Plant Protein 

This is a unique combination of different organic proteins which are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and also grain-free. They include a blend of raw enzymes such as lactase, xylanase, peptidase, cellulase etc. Apart from those, there is also organic flax, chia seed, cranberry seed, tapioca fiber, stevia extract among others.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Powder

Garden of Life raw organic meal contains organic pea protein, organic sprout and flax seed, organic chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, organic lentil, cinnamon and ashwagandha. The raw organic powder help to promote muscle growth and enhance digestive health.

Garden of Life Raw Meal 

This is a unique combination of various Garden of Life protein products in addition to raw plant-based meal replacement. It includes Garden of Life raw protein like pea protein, brown rice, chia seed, and others. The Garden of Life raw meal is an extremely delicious meal replacement that can be taken on the go.

Fucoxanthin and Bifidobacterium

Fucoxanthin has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. It eliminates the possibility of certain diseases and it’s an anti-obese compound. It helps to accelerate the burning of body fat and helps to reduce the oxidative stress. On the other hand, Bifidobacterium is a probiotic which is good for the immune and the digestive system.

Omega 3 and Whey Protein

When it comes to building and preservation of muscles and improved digestive health, whey protein is very important. It is also a great pre-workout refresher that helps to promote endurance during workouts. Omega-3 is normally found in marine Life and it contains high amounts of fatty acids. It helps to prevent various health issues.


Vega One Ingredients

From Vega One reviews, what makes this diet supplement to stand out from the crowded diet shake market is its ingredients. The high-quality organic products are rich in protein, fiber and other superfoods which help to promote weight loss. Vega One contains the following ingredients:

The Protein Blend

Vega one protein powder contains extracts from flaxseed, sacha inchi, hemp protein, saviseed, and whole grain rice. They help to preserve the muscles and increase the rate of metabolism. Additionally, Vega One’s unique protein blend also helps to reduce hunger pangs by providing hours of satiety.

The Fiber Blend

Apart from flax, some of the best sources of fiber which are found in Vega One protein powder shake are pea and inulin. They provide up to four hours of satiety, leading to a reduced calorie intake, hunger pangs, and also food cravings. This fiber blend also forms the bulk in the shake, leading to a better digestive health.

The Greens Blend

These are mainly derived from leafy plant-based products which include kale and spinach leaves, spirulina, alfalfa grass, and broccoli. Vega One’s greens blend contains the essential nutrients which the body needs for better growth and improved functions of the organs. Additionally, they also have anti-inflammatory properties which means that they help to provide pain relief.

The Antioxidant Blend

Vega One’s antioxidant blend is obtained from organic products such as acai berries, extracts of grape seeds, pomegranate seeds among others. The antioxidant blend eliminates wastes and toxins from the body leading to a better and improved level of immunity. It reduces the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, sclerosis, high blood pressure etc.

Vega One Protein Powder vs Garden of Life: Flavors

Every weight loss supplement is designed to have a taste that will make it stand out. However, having one type of flavor is sometimes not effective because not every person has the same preference of flavors. Both Vega One and Garden of Life have more than one type of flavor. For example, Garden of Life has vanilla, unflavored, blackberry, chocolate, and raw vanilla. Vega One reviews showa that its available in berry, natural, French vanilla, coconut almond, mocha, chocolate and vanilla chai.


Vega One Protein Powder vs Garden of Life Protein: Benefits

A plant-based nutrition is essential for a number of functions in the body. They are safe and suitable for a wide group of users including vegans. Vega One and Garden of Life protein have been designed to offer consumers various benefits. However, users should be aware the benefits usually vary from user to user.

Benefits of Vega One Protein

The ingredients which are used to prepare this meal replacement indicate that it is a highly nutritious product that can be digested easily. It promotes a better digestive health by balancing the level of PH. It also promotes the immune system and helps to promote cell metabolism.

Benefits of Garden of Life Protein

This organic diet supplement helps to eliminate dangerous toxins from the body, leading to a better immunity. Besides that, Garden of Life protein has probiotics which help to improve the process of digestion. The fat burner is usually used by athletes because it promotes the development of lean muscles. Furthermore, its high protein content also helps to improve muscle strength, leading to better endurance during workouts and other demanding physical activities.

Garden of Life Protein vs Vega One Protein: Claims

Every nutritional supplement is usually marketed using certain claims. The products are normally presented to consumers as the best thing that they need in their diet in order to lead a healthy Lifestyle. Generally, these products are described in a positive manner and how they are good for the body

Garden Of Life Claims

Garden of Life’s mother company describes this meal replacement as a high-quality product. It’s touted as a product that can easily exceed the user’s expectations. However, some consumers have failed to experience the positive effects of this product. There are multiple claims over the internet regarding this meal replacement. One conspicuous claim is that some of the supplements contain sugar. There has also been a claim about food poisoning that was found in the Garden of Life – RAW organic meal replacement.

Vega One Claims

According to Vega, this meal replacement is vegan-friendly and provides users with all their nutritional needs. Vega advocates for a gradual adaptation of the plant-based diet, one by one until the user converts to a completely organic diet. Vega One reviews show that there is an online platform where one can learn about various plant-based recipes. Besides that, the site also has information about nutrition needs, sports and stress management in addition to self-care and overall wellness. Some of the topics that can be used by dieters who are just starting out include quick on the go meals, endurance and strength training, weight management and how to quick start clean eating.

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Final Thoughts

So, between Garden of Life protein vs Vega One Protein, which diet supplement is worth a try? Well, all these weight loss products have their selling points. To begin with, Garden of Life protein is a natural product that is rich in vitamins, probiotics, minerals, protein, and fiber. It’s a popular weight loss product that has a proven track record. Its weight loss results are usually visible within a couple of weeks and it also helps to improve the overall health of the consumer.

Vega One Protein powder is a great product that provides users with a lot of nutritional benefits. The plant-based product provides users with multiple benefits which are great for mental and physical health. It effectively suppresses appetite and the high-quality source of protein is great for muscle development.  These two products are organic, vegan, and they don’t have artificial sweeteners. The best supplement between them then simply depends on the budget and needs of customer.


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