Although implementing a proper diet or a workout program can help to accelerate weight loss, nothing beats the effectiveness of a meal replacement shake. These low-carb, low-calorie supplements can efficiently spark the process of thermogenesis by creating a calorie deficit. A calorie deficiency in the body helps to spark cell metabolism which leads to the conversion of fat to fuel.

However, finding the best meal replacement shake that suits your needs is a challenging task since the weight loss industry is already saturated with different brands which are selling supplements. GNC lean shake and Idealshape are among the top-rated shakes currently due to their effectiveness. The supplements act as hunger inhibitors which accelerate metabolism and eventually leads to weight loss. Below is a comparative review of these two shakes which tries to outline how their fair against each other.


GNC Total Lean Shake vs Idealshape – Ingredients

Ingredients are big determinants of the effectiveness and quality of a meal replacement shake. These two weight loss supplements which are formulated using by different brands have unique ingredients. Lean Shake and Idealshapes’s ingredients work by curbing the consumer’s hunger by reducing food cravings and appetite. Furthermore, the shakes help to enhance cell metabolism which eventually results in weight loss.

GNC Lean Shake Ingredients

GNC lean shake contains multiple ingredients which help to aid the weight loss process as well as the overall health of the dieter. The main type of ingredients found in this meal replacement shake includes a blend of protein, fiber, sugar, and others all which help to improve the process of weight loss.

• Protein Blend

It includes whey protein concentrate/isolate as well as milk protein. This protein combination contains high levels of the essential amino acids which are required for the development of lean muscles and a well-toned body.

• Fiber Blend

This supplement contains both dietary and soluble fibers which help to promote the feeling of satiety. It features a unique patented type of fiber blend that helps to reduce food cravings and also hunger pangs.


• Sugar

This diet shake contains both natural and artificial sweeteners such as sucralose. Sucralose is a sweetener that is used to enhance the taste of the shake. Note that the taste of a meal replacement shake helps to greatly influence the consumer’s preference.

IdealShape Ingredients

What makes Idealshape one of the most effective meal replacement shakes is the high-quality of its ingredients. They not only help to support the development of the body but also promote weight management. Some of the active ingredients found in the IdealShape shake include:

• Protein Blend

This is a protein-rich blend that is sourced from whey. Whey Protein’s concentrate and isolate contain the essential amino acids which are the main building blocks of muscles as well as the whole body. Besides that, whey protein also helps to curb hunger by suppressing the dieter’s appetite, resulting to weight loss.

• Fiber

Idealshape’s source of fiber is Inulin, a prebiotic fiber. Inulin helps to promote better bowel movements and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as stomach cramps, bloating, and diarrhea among others. There is also Slendesta, a potato-protein extract which has been patented and it acts as an appetite suppressor.


• Green Tea Extract

This herbal extract contains high amounts of caffeine which enhance the body’s energy levels. Additionally, great tea helps to increase cell activity and the rate of metabolism which is crucial for weight loss.

• Digestive Enzymes

In order to make the weight loss process more effective, Idealshape contains enzymes such as lipase, lactase, and Cellulase. The enzymes help to improve the digestive health, an important aspect of weight loss.

Idealshape vs GNC Total Lean Shake – Minerals and Vitamins

These supplements are rich in minerals and vitamins which help to eliminate damaging radicals from the system while enhancing the level of immunity. Some of the vitamins and minerals found in these two shakes include Vitamin B12, B6, potassium, calcium, chromium etc. The mineral and vitamins blend help to improve organ function, flush out toxins and the overall development of the body.

Total Lean GNC® vs. Idealshape®

Total Lean GNC®

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Idealshape vs GNC Total Lean Shake – Nutrition Facts

When looking for the best meal replacement shake for weight loss, most people usually go for the nutrition information. This helps to determine the number of calories as well as the amount of sugar, fiber, protein, and carbs. Outlined below is a comparison of GNC Total Lean Shake vs IdealShape nutrition information and who they rate against each other.

• Calories

Most people normally prefer a shake which contains fewer calories as this helps to spark thermogenesis. A low-calorie shake creates a deficit in the body which leads to the conversion of fat to fuel. In this GNC Total Lean Shake vs IdealShape comparison, GNC contains 190 calories while IdealShape has only 100 g of calories per serving. This means that Idealshape is more efficient than GNC lean shake.

• Protein

Protein helps to enhance the development of lean muscles and well-toned bodies. The best meal replacement shakes contain a rich protein blend which helps to spark the rate of metabolism as well as curb hunger. GNC total lean contains 25g of protein per serving which sufficiently aids the weight loss process. Idealshape, on the other hand, contains only 11g of sugar per serving.


• Dietary Fiber

Fiber is a vital ingredient in meal replacement shakes as it helps to curb hunger pangs by suppressing appetite and reducing food cravings. The higher the amount of fiber in a shake, the more effective it is for weight loss. GNC lean shake contains 4g of fiber while Idealshape contains almost the same amount i.e. 5g of sugar per serving.

• Sugar

Meal replacement shakes which have been formulated with high amounts of sugar help to inhibit the weight loss process and they are sometimes associated with weight gain. In the Idealshape vs GNC Total Lean Shake sugar comparison, lean shake contains 3g of sugar while ideal shape contains only 1g of sugar. Note that the lower the amount of sugar in a meal replacement shake, the more effective it is for weight loss.

• Carbs

Low-carb supplements are the most efficient producers for weight loss. Comparing the number of carbs between these two ingredients, Total lean shake contains 17g of carbs while IdealShape is even more effective as it contains 10g of carbs per serving.

Idealshape vs GNC Total Lean Shake – Flavors

Note that every individual has a unique taste bud hence it’s important for a meal replacement shake to be produced in more than one flavor in order to cater to the different needs of consumers. A wide range of flavor means that consumers will have various options to choose from as per there taste preferences.

GNC Lean Shake Flavors

GNC total lean shake is formulated in various flavors in order to cater to the needs of different customers. Lean shakes have a sweet delicious flavor and some of the basic flavors include:

  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla bean
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Swiss chocolate

Idealshape Flavors

Idealshape shake is available in multiple flavors to ensure that different taste preferences of consumers are met. Vanilla and strawberry are the most preferred type of IdealShape flavor but other basic flavors include:

  • Chocolate
  • Orange Cream
  • Salted caramel

GNC Total Lean Shake vs Idealshape – Benefits

Supplements have been uniquely formulated to provide users with a wide range of benefits which can help to improve their general wellbeing. Although most of these benefits can be witnessed physically, there are also internal benefits such as improved organ function, mental alertness, and others.

GNC Lean Shake Benefits

This meal replacement shake contains a wide variety of ingredients which offer consumers diverse benefits. Consumers of GNC Lean Shake usually experience benefits which include:

• Weight loss and the development of lean muscle mass.
• It enhances performance endurance.
• Increases alertness and focus.
• It helps to promote the feeling of satiety by curbing hunger and suppressing the appetite.

Benefits of Ideal Shape

Consumer reviews indicate that this meal replacement shakes offer effective and long-lasting weight loss benefits. Idealshape is a protein-rich supplement that contains benefits such as:


  • Appetite control. The shake helps to curb appetite for an extended amount of time.
  • This low-calorie supplement helps to spark weight loss by increasing cell metabolism.
  • It’s a healthy source of nutrients and protein which help to enhance the development and overall well-being of the consumer.

GNC Total Lean Shake vs Idealshape – Results

Each diet shake contains different ingredients for weight loss. Idealshape and Total lean’s ingredients have been tested and approve as effective for weight loss. The popularity of these meal replacement shakes is also as a result of their rapid and long-lasting weight loss results. However, dieters can experience even better results if they combine the use of these supplements with a proper diet and also a workout program.

GNC Total Lean Shake vs Idealshape – Price

A single container of Total Lean shake costs $39.99. With only 16 servings, this means that a single serving of this shake costs around $2.50. Idealshape costs $49.99 for a container with 30 servings which translates to roughly $1.67 per serving. The price comparison between IdealShape vs GNC total lean shake gives Idealshape the upper hand as it’s cheaper.

Final thoughts

Idealshape is a low-carb, low-calorie calorie and low-sugar meal replacement shake that’s rich in fiber. It helps to spark the fat burning process by increasing the rate of cell metabolism. GNC Total Lean shake on the other hand, is a protein-rich shake that contains high amounts of sugar which significantly reduces it weight loss effectiveness. However, when it comes to price, Idealshape is wins because it’s cost-friendly.