How to Get Into Ketosis Faster and Safely: 10 Steps to Follow

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How to Get Into Ketosis Faster and Safely: 10 Steps to Follow

Ketosis is a metabolic state which has numerous health benefits. During this metabolic state, the body is forced to use compounds that are known as ketones as the main source of fuel and not glucose. Apart from weight loss, ketosis can also suppress symptoms of certain neurological conditions, reduce the risk of cancer, and promote mental clarity. This article offers an overview of how to get into ketosis faster and safely following 10 simple steps.

How to Get Into Ketosis Fast: 10 Steps to Follow

A low-carb diet such as the keto diet offers one of the ways which you can use to get into ketosis. However, this may sometimes take days or weeks before you can see a significant change. But there are certain ways which can use to accelerate this process and outlined below are 10 steps which you can follow.

  1. Cut your carb intake

If you are using the keto diet, your daily carb intake should be less than 30g daily. Minimizing your carb consumption will force the body to use the fatty acids i.e. the ketones as the main source of fuel. The low intake of carbs is going to force the body to deplete the glucose cells found in the body, leading to a faster onset of ketosis.

  1. Increase your Level of Physical Activities

Being more active can help you get into ketosis faster. When you engage in physical activities, the body ends up depleting all its glycogen stores quickly than when you are in an inactive state. Normally, the glycogen stores are usually replenished with carbs but when you reduce your carb intake, the glycogen stores will remain low. As a result, the liver will respond by producing more ketones as an alternative source of fuel for your brain and muscles.

  1. Eat Moderate Amounts of Protein

Although you are supposed to be eating low amounts of carbs, protein is also important if you want to attain ketosis. Moderate amounts of protein supply the liver with the amino acids which are is important for gluconeogenesis. This process is important for making a few glucose cells which are used to maintain the organs which can’t use ketones. Besides that, protein is also important for the maintenance of lean muscles.

  1. Engage in Fat Fast

This is another quick way of getting into ketosis. Fat fasting is one of the best ways to boost your ketone production. But achieve this, you need to consume around 1000 calories every day and about 85-90 percent of the calories should come from fat.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Ketosis can be induced easily and faster by going for several hours without eating. This short fast is one of the best dietary approaches that you can use to induce ketosis. Note that studies indicate those children who suffer from epilepsy can experience a reduction in seizures if they engage in intermittent fasting. This is because of the high level of ketone production.

  1. Take MCT Oil

MCT oil has the ability to boost the level of your blood ketones significantly. The medium-chain triglycerides usually metabolize the fat cells very quickly because they are directly absorbed into the bloodstream when they reach the digestive tract. If you take MCT oil, you can attain ketosis in just a few hours.

  1. Eat Keto-Friendly Snacks

It’s not very easy to maintain a low-carb diet especially when you are on the move. However, it’s important to consume keto-friendly snacks even if you are not at home. You don’t want to fall off the wagon just because you can’t prepare the food yourself. Some of the best keto snacks include nuts, seeds, keto nut butter, and keto bars.

  1. Eat Healthy Meals When You’re Out

If you are going to eat out, then you need to make healthy swaps. Don’t let one meal throw away all the efforts that you have previously undertaken in order to reach ketosis. If you are eating salad, then it should be without dressing. Your tacos shouldn’t have tortillas while the burger shouldn’t have a bun. Besides that, make sure that you drink only unsweetened beverages.

  1. Take Supplements

Exogenous ketones can help you to attain ketosis faster. Beta-hydroxybutyrate is one of the best exogenous ketones supplement. This is because BHB ketones are usually the most common in the body hence its intake will significantly increase this amount. Taking a ketogenic supplement will quickly introduce your body to ketosis in less than 48 hours.

  1. Testing the levels of ketones

This is another great way which a person can use to attain ketosis quickly. You can monitor the levels of ketones in your body by doing several tests which include a blood test, breath test, and urine test. Using one of these three options can help you track your progress and make the necessary adjustments as required.

How Long Does It Take to Get Into Ketosis?

The period of time it takes for a person to attain ketosis varies from one person to another. This is because they are many factors that influence the body’s response to low-carb diets. However, most people usually take 2 or 3 days but there are others who can take up to 7 days.  Using the above-mentioned techniques will make you attain ketosis faster than you anticipated. Some of them can help your body to attain this state in less than 48 hours. But how is this possible?

Well, the body usually stores glucose reserves because it’s always expecting food scarcity or starvation. However, when you introduce these mechanisms, the glucose stores end up being depleted very fast. Even while the body is anticipating more carbs at this point, your intake is very low such that there depleted glucose reserves can’t be replenished. So, the liver is forced to produce more ketones to counter the effects of low blood glucose.

Tips for Transitioning into Ketosis

Switching to a keto diet is not easy. The body is used to carbs as its main source of energy. But the transition phase is not very easy since this is the period where you are at high risk of experiencing the keto flu. Some of the transitioning tips that you can use include:

Ensuring you are Well-Hydrated

Ketosis is often accompanied by dehydration. You may feel thirstier than usual because of the water loss via frequent peeing. Take an adequate amount of water so as to counter the negative effects of dehydration. Water can also help to reduce hunger pangs and food cravings all which are associated with the keto diet.

Take Electrolytes

The excess loss of water that’s flushed out of the body through urine leads to loss of electrolytes. These are minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which the body needs in order to function. To ensure that you don’t end with mineral deficiency, you need to take electrolytes to replenish those that are being flushed out.

Get Enough Sleep

As much as getting enough sleep is important for your health, it’s very important when your body is in ketosis. This helps to regulate the blood sugar level and the adrenals. Ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. You can do this by making sure that your sleeping environment is comfortable and safe. Besides that, it’s also important to avoid using your laptop or phone while you are in bed and setting an appropriate sleep schedule.

How To Know If You’re in Ketosis

There are many physical symptoms that can indicate you are in ketosis. But as stated above, one of the best ways of ensuring you are in ketosis is by testing the ketone levels. Testing is important because it helps you know if you are making progress or not. The three primary methods of testing ketones are:

  • Urine testing:  one of the simplest and affordable methods of testing ketones. However, urine testing doesn’t give precise results because most unused ketones usually leave the body via urine.
  • Breath testing: it’s another simpler way of testing ketones. But unlike urine, breath testing is more accurate because it measures the concentration of acetone content that’s exhaled from the body.
  • Blood Testing: it’s the most accurate and the best way of testing the level of ketones in the body. To measure the level of BHB ketones, you just need to buy a blood test kit which you will use to prick your finger and do the test.

Final Thoughts

Ketosis is a natural process that you can use to attain your weight loss goals. It forces the body to enter into a metabolic state that breaks down the fat cells which normally result in obesity. Achieving this state isn’t very easy. The body is forced to rely on fat for fuel instead of glucose. As a result, it may take days to attain it and the whole process can be a frustrating experience. The above-mentioned techniques and tips are some of the effective ways which you can use to transition into this metabolic state faster and safely.



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