Plexus Slim Review

  • Protein 3.5/10
  • Probiotics 10/10
  • Superfoods 10/10
  • Artifical Sweeteners 4.3/10
  • Controversial Ingredients 10/10
  • Value 5.5/10
  • Calories 5.8/10
  • Sugar 10/10
  • Cholesterol 10/10
  • Fat 10/10
  • Carbs 4.3/10
  • Dietary Fiber 4.8/10

Price Per Serving: $2.83

Nutrition Per Serving1












Dietary Fiber



Plexus Slim

As long people are willing to shed excess weight, meal replacement shakes are here to stay. These supplements play a crucial role in the health and fitness sector. Doctors and studies

back them as beneficial means to achieving fitness. Despite some manufacturers claiming that their products are effective on their own, it is recommended that you exercise and incorporate a healthy diet in the mix to boost the results of shakes. Plexus Slim is one of the meal replacement shakes you will come across online. Here is a complete guide on how we rate this product based on its protein, carbs, and calories content among other nutritional ingredients.

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is a supplement that claims to help users lose weight and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It is a product of Plexus Worldwide and comes in form of a powder, which when mixed with water produces a pink drink. One serving each day is enough. Drink it 30 minutes before a meal for efficient performance.


Plexus slim contains 403 calories. This is too high for a meal replacement shake. Most shakes have calories ranging from 90-120. You may even find one with 180 calories, which is not as high as 403. If you decide to use Plexus Slim to boost you weight loss efforts, you are in for a big surprise. These calories are too many.


Carbs are crucial nutrients. They provide your body with the energy it needs to function properly. Meal replacement shakes with 6-10g of carbs are great for you. Plexus has 31g. This is thrice the recommended amount. Remember, carbs contribute to weight gain.


Proteins enable your body to build muscles. They also make you feel full for a longer time. Shakes that help consumers lose weight have high amounts of protein and low calories and carbs. Plexus Slim has a good amount of protein 13g, which falls within the 15-20g recommended range.


Your body needs some fat though in limited quantity. Plexus has 18g of fat, which is high. It is three times more than what you should be consuming. If you can find another diet shake with lower fat levels than this, consider using it instead of Plexus Slim.


Plexus Slim has a good amount of fiber. Usually, a healthy shake has 5g of fiber but Plexus has 8grams. They will keep your stomach full for a while. This way, you will not use snacks a lot in between meals. Fiber keeps hunger at bay, improves digestion, and helps with problems such as constipation.


Sugar has never been good for your body. Even if you have to consume it, it has to be in low amounts. Therefore, when Plexus Slim gives you 31g of sugar, you have to question its effectiveness in weight loss. Sugar, calories, and carbs cause weight gain. The more they are the more the pounds you gain.


A useful meal replacement shake contains no cholesterol. It is because this component causes circulation problems such as high blood pressure by binding to the walls of your arteries. Unfortunately, Plexus has 13mg of cholesterol. It is a clear sign to stay away from this product.

Apart from having a suitable amount of protein and fiber, the shake has minerals and vitamins to provide you with all the nutrients you need.

Plexus Slim Blend

Apart from the above nutritional components, Plexus Slim also contains a blend that entails green coffee extract, garcinia cambogia extract, and alpha lipoic acid. The three ingredients have general information regarding their effect on your weight.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The extract makes it hard for the human body to store extra energy in form of fat. It can also lower your appetite by stimulating the production of serotonin hormone, which is an appetite suppressant. The hormone sends signals that you are full to ensure you eat less frequently.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee contains caffeine, which has been linked to increasing metabolism. Ever wondered why you feel energized after your morning cup of coffee? The caffeine gives you the energy burst. However, there is need for studies about whether the green coffee extract can actually cause weight loss.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

The ingredient functions as an antioxidant that aids weight loss. It fosters metabolism, decreases blood sugar, and reduces inflammation. Antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals in your body to prevent them from causing harm. They also improve your immune system.  

The blend has a small chance of helping you lose weight. The only problem is that there is no proof that the formulation works. Studies have been conducted on each ingredient in the blend but not on the product itself. More research is necessary to place Plexus Slim in a better position as a meal replacement shake.  There are no FDA approved clinical tests to prove that this solution works.

Plexus Slim Benefits

In general, Plexus slim increases metabolism and suppresses your appetite. These roles contribute to you shedding excess pounds. A high metabolism means you are burning carbs, proteins and fats into energy. This prevents storage of extra fat that makes you gain weight. A suppressed appetite prevents you from overeating. You are able to consume the required amount of calories per day to foster weight loss.

This product also makes you feel full for a while. You will not be snacking in between meals. If you want to multiply good bacteria in your gut, drink Plexus. The bacteria not only improve gut health but also boost your immunity.

The meal replacement brand claims that you will begin seeing changes in your weight in two weeks. This is a short period so be patient with your body, as it adjusts and reacts to the shake you will be drinking.

It uses natural flavors and a natural sweetener (stevia). This is a plus for Plexus. Natural ingredients are harmless and pose no adverse side effects. The diet shake uses beet extract for color.

Plexus Slim Side Effects

There are no harsh side effects to worry about when using Plexus Slim. It is a safe meal replacement shake. The fact that you will be using it poses a change in your diet. Therefore, it is normal to experience effects such as constipation, nausea, and bloating.

The caffeine is responsible for insomnia, anxiety, and dizziness if used in large amounts. Make sure you adhere to the correct dosage to prevent a scenario of too much caffeine. These side effects are manageable though.


  • Offers three delicious flavors
  • Increases metabolism
  • It is gluten-free
  • It suits vegetarians
  • It is non-GMO


  • The side effects can cause great discomfort
  • Some of the ingredients are yet to be proven to cause weight loss

Plexus Slim Cost

It offers a 60-day money back guarantee. It costs $115 for a month’s supply. The Tri-plex combo costs $139.95, which can be costly for some users. There are shakes that cost less yet have a solid ingredients list with clinical tests and scientific backing to prove their high performance. Nevertheless, if you have the money, buy the shake and see how it work out for you.

Where to Buy Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is available on their official website You can also purchase it though Plexus Slim Amazon links. Amazon is a globally trusted platform. Rest assured the Plexus you buy through it is authentic.

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The shake comes in 30 single-serve packets that make it perfect for on-the-go use. It is easy to prepare and currently mixes well with cold water. There are three flavors to choose raspberry, lemon, and watermelon. Ensure you do not buy a flavor whose ingredients you are allergic to. Make one serving every day or two at most.

Plexus Simplexus Slim Reviews

Consumers have different opinions regarding this product. For some, it has worked for them while for others it failed to yield the desired results. One user felt better even though there was no weight loss. Another one likes that the product caused increased energy and curbed hunger.

Compared to other products, Plexus is scoring very low despite some Plexus simplexus slim reviews mentioning positive weight loss results.

Note that Plexus Worldwide is an MLM (multi-level marketing) entity. It has ambassadors to promote its product. It is possible that some of them give positive reviews to sell the shake for some commission. Perhaps some of the reviews are genuine. The only way to know if the product works is using it yourself.

Unless you want to experiment on your health with this product, it is advisable that you avoid it altogether. If not, then speak with someone who has used it and it worked. Plexus also has a controversial ingredient called green coffee bean extract. This component is yet to be approved by the FDA as capable of causing weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Meal replacement shakes are supposed to offer your body the nourishment it needs when you drink them instead of eating your regular meals. However, when a product has ingredients with yet to be proved functions while some components being controversial, you should be concerned.

Yes, Plexus Slim has some great characteristics but it needs a lot of improvement to be at par with other high quality meal replacement shakes.

If you are looking for a healthy diet shake that will help you lose weight, forget about Plexus and find something else really.


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