Thrive Shakes Review

  • Protein 7.5/10
  • Probiotics 10/10
  • Superfoods 10/10
  • Artifical Sweeteners 4.0/10
  • Controversial Ingredients 10/10
  • Value 7.5/10
  • Calories 9.0/10
  • Sugar 9.5/10
  • Cholesterol 9.5/10
  • Fat 8.0/10
  • Carbs 9.0/10
  • Dietary Fiber 8.0/10

Price Per Serving: $2.55

Nutrition Per Serving1












Dietary Fiber



Thrive Shakes

Thrive Shake is advertised as having a number of health benefits. It targets several areas of weight loss, but whether or not the ingredients are likely to have a significant effect is debatable.

In this review of Thrive Shake, we will look at how Thrive Shake works, its ingredients and clinical studies. We will also examine the possible side-effects of taking Thrive Shake. This review should help you decide if Thrive Shake is the best product for you.


The Thrives shake contains about 110 calories per serving; this is great for a meal replacement shake. Many meal replacement shakes go up to 300 calories which totally conflicts with the purpose of dieting.

If a meal replacement shake is roughly 100 calories you can add in other healthy ingredients without hesitation.


Each pack of the Thrive shake has 15 grams of protein. The protein comes from a combination of:

  • Soy protein
  • Pea protein (click to read review)
  • Whey protein concentrate

Protein is necessary to keep you full and satisfied in between meals and also to boost the metabolism in your body to effectively burn fat. Protein is also low in calories, filling you up while keeping your daily calorie intake low. Whereas we agree with the amount of protein in each shake serving, one of the protein types is concerning.

Two of the proteins, pea and whey concentrate, are good choices. While pea protein helps to keep you full and get rid of hunger signals in the body, whey concentrate contains a ton of branch chain amino acids for heart health and weight loss. In contrast, soy protein may be thwarting your efforts.

Soy is a controversial ingredient due to its ability to disrupt hormones, and may actually lead to weight gain, PMS, bloating, stubborn fat and more. This is because soy has a metabolic estrogenic effect in the body, and having too much estrogen in the body from processed soy (for women and for men) can wreak havoc and lead to weight gain.


The Thrive shake contains about 5gs of protein per serving, this is a great amount for overall health and weight loss efforts. Fiber is crucial for curbing hunger and making you stay full for longer, it can help you suppress hunger for hours until your next meal.

Fiber also helps move along the digestive processes in your body and rid you of impurities and toxins so it can function optimally and enable you to lose weight.


Each serving of the Thrive shakes contains a good mix of vitamins, 19 to be precise. The vitamins include vitamin A, B, C, D, E and B6 and minerals calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc and copper.

In addition, they have a proprietary blend including garcina fruit extract, natural caffeine from black tea and lactobaccilis acidophilus, a probiotic strain for the gut and digestive health.

Sugars and Sweeteners – The dangers of Sucralose and Maltodextrin

There is only 2g of sugar in each shake serving, which is great, because sugar is a leading cause of weight gain, as it causes insulin resistance, causing you to eat more than you should.

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The problem is that this shake instead includes artificial sweeteners sucralose and maltodextrin, and research shows that they can actually work the same way as real sugar in your body, leading to weight gain and potential health issues.

There is definitely a reason why Wholefoods banned artificial sweeteners from all products in their stores – they are simply bad for you, and there’s a host of reasons why.

Starting with sucralose (Splenda), recent studies show that Sucralose can have an adverse effect on thyroid activity in rats, which means it has the qualities of an endocrine disruptor in mammals. With thyroid hormone suppressed, an increase in appetite and weight gain happens. In this way, you may think you are actually doing something good for your health by going with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar but this is very far from the truth.

Maltodextrin, another artificial sweetener, can have similar side effects and health risks as most food additives. These side effects can include unexplained weight gain, allergic reactions, bloating and flatulence.


We found Thrive Shakes on Amazon in single serving packets for a whopping $65.00 (plus shipping) for 16 packets. This makes this shake $4.06 per shake before shipping! That is a very high price in the world of meal replacement shakes.


  • May have benefits for overall health
  • Not likely to cause severe side effects


  • Lacking independent customer reviews
  • Not all of the ingredients are proven to aid weight loss
  • Not available to buy from the official website

Final Thoughts

There are many good things about the Thrive Shake, like it’s variety of vitamins, less amount of calories, less amount of sugar and a good balance of protein and fiber.

The problem with this shake is the choice of soy as their protein, since we don’t believe it’s the best overall option for health or weight loss. They also include artificial sweeteners sucralose and maltodextrin, which studies show may lead to weight gain and potential negative health effects.

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