Vega One Review

  • Protein 9/10
  • Probiotics 10/10
  • Superfoods 10/10
  • Artifical Sweeteners 10/10
  • Controversial Ingredients 10/10
  • Value 5.5/10
  • Calories 7.7/10
  • Sugar 10/10
  • Cholesterol 10/10
  • Fat 5.0/10
  • Carbs 8.5/10
  • Dietary Fiber 8.5/10

Price Per Serving: $3.50

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Dietary Fiber



Vega One

Vega One Overview

Vega One nutritional shakes are changing the game when it comes to losing weight and getting fit! Gone are the days of worrying and wondering exactly what you’re putting into your body! The Vega One weight loss shake is a strictly plant based shake alternative that can be used throughout your day to replace any and all of your meals.

Vega One is high quality, clean, certified vegan, and gluten free! Their products are good for your mind, body, AND the planet. Vega One tastes great, keeps you full, and offers 20 grams of plant-based protein that helps boost your metabolism. It has 6 servings of greens and 6g fiber in 170 calories or less! Vega One meal replacement shakes are made with a variety of certified organic ingredients to keep your body fueled and healthy! Vega One meal replacement shake is packed FULL of probiotics, superfoods, and multiple vitamins including A, C, D, E, K, B6, and B12. At only 1g of sugar, there are NO artificial sweeteners. What more could you ask for in your journey to a new and healthier you?

What are meal replacement shakes?

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly IS a meal replacement shake?” The answer is simple! A meal replacement is a healthier alternative meal that can come in the form of a drink, a bar, or even a soup. It is made to replace any of your preferred meals throughout the day, usually with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. Let me be clear that meal replacement shakes are not to be confused with protein shakes, (which are primarily used to help with building muscles).

A meal replacement shake typically has between 200-500 calories and have added vitamins, minerals, fiber, and some protein. Vega One has no more than 170. Some drinks are in the form of a health shake. Vega One all in one nutritional shake is a food. It easily replaces breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks. Our products allow you to make smoothies, pancakes, and even muffins!

“Okay, but am I gonna starve?” Absolutely not! This is not a starvation method and Vega One nutritional shakes are high quality meals that keep you full for hours at a time. You don’t get that “deprivation” feeling as you are enjoying delicious dessert-like meals and shakes. Some meals require little to no preparation so they are perfect for those in a hurry or traveling. Our products help you make healthier decisions not just in the kitchen, but throughout your every day!

Why should you choose Vega Shakes?

Vega One nutritional shakes are absolutely delicious! Our products are plant based and natural with no dairy, no soy, no artificial flavorings, and no sweeteners! When it comes to the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, Vega One meal replacement shakes has everything you need! Unlike some of our competitors, we serve high quality products that are yummy and affordable! Vega One is made with multiple organic ingredients. With only 1g of sugar, Vega One protein powder gives you all of the convenience of fast food, without all the processed junk that is so terrible for you and you body.

Now more than ever, the 115 million Americans trying to lose weight are looking for a healthy and effective alternative to dieting. Vega One is a perfect weight loss method that can help lead you in the right direction to a long term healthier lifestyle! Research has shown that dieting alone can actually cause weight GAIN due to stress. Dieting can cause chronic psychological stress. Constantly watching the scale and counting all those calories is stressful on your body AND your mind! Stress caused by dieting can release the “stress hormone” known as cortisol.

Higher levels of this chemical can induce more cravings for junk food, which in turn can actually bring about BINGE EATING! Exercise is always recommended when attempting to lose weight and get fit! As stated above, Vega One weight loss shake is a food and can be used in place of any meal throughout the day! Between work, and school, and parenting it can be difficult to maintain a proper meal schedule. Vega One is here to solve all your time crunching problems!

Vega One Reviews

Vega One prides itself on a great relationship with its customers. After all, if it weren’t for the customers, where would we even be? While Vega One meal replacement shake may have more calories per servings than some leading competitors, it only has 1g of sugars and no artificial sweeteners. Prices per serving are reasonable considering all the superfoods, plant based proteins, and probiotics. At 20g per serving, you are getting plenty of protein. Protein sources include hemp, pea, and sacha inchi, which are all beneficial in losing weight.

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The price for the large container of this shake on the company website is $52.49, which puts it at $2.76 per serving for 19-serving per container flavors and $2.62 per serving for the 20-serving per container flavors. Vega One all in one shakes provide your daily nutrient supply needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. It offers quick and convenient meals with a plethora of all natural ingredients including: protein, fiber, superfoods, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Vega One reviews include:

Jasmine, 24 from Oklahoma says, “I’ve been looking for a healthy way to go vegan for months now, that also fits into my busy work schedule.Vega One Shake is absolutely perfect. I can take everything I need to work with me like I would any other breakfast or lunch and prep it up no problem! I also love the lack of calories and carbs!”

Vanessa, 34 from Florida says, “Vega One Protein Powder is saving my marriage! I’m almost to my goal weight and our relationship is better and healthier than ever!”

Jose, 27 from Texas says, “Taste is great! I feel great! I lost 25lbs in just a couple of months.”

Jennifer, 23 from Washington says, “Vega One Weight loss Shake is the miracle I’ve been looking for. I’m an avid gym go-er. But between work and school, I barely had time to even EAT! Vega One’s weight loss has put that worry behind me. Just grab and go. I LOVE the all natural ingredients. I know I’m not putting any questionable foods in my body. Coconut Almond is my FAVORITE flavor! I’m obsessed.”

Linda, 32 from Ohio says, “I have almost completely cut out calories from diet. Vega One products have been a miracle and a lifesaver. I’ve lost 40lbs and can finally keep up with my kids again! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that your products are vegan and gluten-free! I have hearts in my eyes.”

Taj, 44 from Texas says, “I’ll never need another shake again. Love all the greens and probiotics.”

All in all, Vega One All-In-One Meal Replacement Shakes are worthy of a solid 10/10 in our opinions. It seems like there is really nothing this product is not capable of providing. You get quick, on the go shakes and yummy meals while still receiving all your necessary vitamins. Staying healthy and getting fit all while living a vegan lifestyle has NEVER been easier. With your help, Vega One will continue to build and provide the world with a delicious alternative to the status quo!

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