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Ideal Shape Shake

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Apart from a proper diet and workout, a better solution for weight loss is using meal replacement shakes. Meal replacement shakes are appetite controllers which help to reduce calorie intake in a good way and to spark fat metabolism all of which result in weight loss. IdealShape is one of the best supplements that’s made by IdealShape LCC. To understand the how this product works and its benefits below is the IdealShape Review.

IdealShape is a meal replacement shake from IdealShape LCC. Here is how we rate this shake based on nutritional factors.


IdealShape contains 100calories only, which is low enough to allow your body to cut weight. Some shakes have 90calories. A difference of 10 is not such a big deal. This makes Ideal a worthwhile purchase. When you consume low amounts of calories, your body experiences a calorie deficit. Once it burns all the calories into energy, it starts to break down stored fats to provide you extra energy. This contributes to weight loss.


In as much as you are burning fat to drop pounds, you still good fat for the normal functioning of your system. It is a source of energy. This meal replacement shake has 3.5grams of fat. They are enough to keep you going for the day.

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Ideally, a great diet shake contains 6-10g or carbs. IdealShape has 10g, which is on the high end. Nonetheless, the amount falls within the healthy range of carbs you should be consuming. Carbs contribute a huge deal to weight gain when consumed in large amounts. That is why IdealShape has them at the very minimum amount possible. As you use this shake alongside a meal or two, make sure your meals contain good quality carbs; the complex ones. They are absorbed slowly into the body to keep you full for longer than simple carbs, which are used up by the body fast leaving you with a craving for more.


Avoid meal replacement shakes with high sugar levels. Simple sugars found in products such as candy and ice-cream are terrible for your health. They increase your appetite, thus you find yourself eating more than you should and end up with excess weight. Always go for shakes with low sugar amounts or none at all. IdealShape has 1g of sugar from natural stevia. This is low. Nonetheless, there are shakes with no sugar, making them a healthier option than Ideal in terms of sugar content.


Proteins help with building muscles and repair and stabilizing blood sugar. They also increase metabolism and make you feel full. Healthy meal replacement shakes contain 15-20g of protein. This way, your body has what it need to build muscles and repair them after a workout.

Nevertheless, IdealShape provides you with 11g of protein, which is a bit low but it is still a good product considering its other nutritional strengths such as calories and fiber. This shake’s source of protein is the ingredients whey protein concentrate and isolate. They facilitate lean muscle building and boost cell metabolism. The shake also has slendesta, which is a potato protein extract that breaks down fat and protein.


Like any other nutritional component, fiber serves a crucial role in your body. It keeps you full for longer periods and assists with bowel movement. It also relieves digestive problems such as constipation and fosters detoxification. IdealShape contains 5g of fiber, which is an amount most great shakes contain. This is a plus for the shake.


Probiotics are responsible for proper gut health. They increase the number of good gut bacteria to foster efficient digestion. If you come across a meal replacement shake with probiotics, do not ignore it. IdealShape contains an ingredient called inulin that has millions of probiotics that improve the functionality of your digestive system.


Antioxidants do a great job dealing with health problems such as inflammation. IdealShape incorporates green tea extract on the list of ingredients. The extract has antioxidants that eliminate harmful toxins from your body. It also promotes weight loss and boosts your energy levels.


Here are the positive things to like about IdealShape

  • It is long-lasting
  • It is affordable
  • Its slendesta ingredient fosters weight loss
  • Good protein quantity for developing lean muscles.
  • Offers a variety of flavors to choose
  • It contains few calories for weight loss


 What is the negative side of IdealShape?

  • Mixing with water only leaves you with a terrible, grainy aftertaste
  • Needs exercise and a good diet to be effective
  • Can be too thin for some people

Other Nutritional Factors

We have already discussed the major nutrients you will find in IdealShape diet shake. They are what we use to rate the product. However, the other nutrients include minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and raspberry ketones.

Minerals and vitamins work hand in hand to ensure you are healthy being. For example, the shake contains potassium, which improves muscles and controls blood pressure. Vitamin D strengthens your bones and boosts immunity. Enzymes ensure your digestive system functions properly. The ketones quicken fat metabolism and lower appetite.

Taste, texture, and flavors

Different meal replacement shakes have different tastes. IdealShape has a sweet taste. The 1g sugar content could be one of the reasons for the nice taste. Mix it with water or milk to drink. If you like, add vegetables, fruits, and ice cubes in your cup for that mouthwatering taste.

Despite some users in IdealShape reviews saying that the shake can be watery at times, most of them are happy with the creamy, smooth base. Use the IdealShape shaker if the texture is rough with clumps.

There are several flavors to choose from for instance chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel, mocha, and cookies ‘n cream.


IdealShape is effective when used once or twice every day. There is no specific time to consume it but mornings and afternoons are great. Mornings have better results though. You can use it before and after working out. As you start to use the shake, reduce your meals into small portions spread throughout the day.

IdealShape Results/Benefits

IdealShape results are vested in its ingredients. They have specific roles to perform. IdealShape ingredients make the supplement produce the desire results. If it works on you, you will experience a drop on the weighing scale, increased metabolism, and a reduced appetite.


For IdealShape to work on you, it calls for your commitment. Use the product consistently and adhere to the right dosage of one or two servings per day. Remember to exercise and eat a good diet to lose weight. One study shows that the shake helped overweight people shed extra pounds in the shortest time possible; a matter of weeks.

Side Effects and Allergy Caution

When you start using a meal replacement shake, you are making a major change in your routine diet. Do not be surprised to experience one or two side effects when you begin using IdealShape. However, these effects are temporary and disappear in a week. They include fatigue, an energy boost, nausea, and inulin problems such as passing gas and farting.

An overdose of the shake causes side effects such as dizziness, headache, diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps. It is important that you stick to the recommended dosage of one or two servings per day. Be patient with your body. Drinking more servings than you should does not yield results faster but instead put your wellbeing at risk.

We have already discussed IdealShape ingredients. Check to ensure you are not allergic to any of them. If you are not sure about an ingredient, speak with your doctor before you start using the shake. Besides, choose a flavor that agrees with your body. Examples of components that some people are allergic to entail gluten, whey protein, and soy lecithin.

Where to Buy IdealShape

IdealShape is readily available from the official website and online sites. The official site is the best option for authenticity reasons. You have the freedom to use whichever e-commerce site you like as long as it is genuine. For Amazon lovers, search online for the term IdealShape Amazon and order the shake.

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It costs $39.99 for a 30servings package, $89.95 for 60servings, $129.99 for 90days, and $159.99 for 120days. Start with the one-month option of 30servings and determine whether the shake works for you or not. If it does, you can order more to sustain your fitness efforts.

You can also buy this product using IdealShape coupons or IdealShape discount code. Look out for company promotions and deals that allow you to purchase the shake at a lower price than the usual one.


From the review, it is clear that IdealShape has valuable nutritional content. The manufacturer takes time to come up with a unique shake that lasts and produces worthwhile results among users. It offers your body many health benefits to improve its performance and accelerate weight loss. Consumer reviews have this brand as one of the popular supplements to use in order to lose weight. With an affordable price, get to enjoy the benefits this shake offers. The cons and side effects should not bar you from using IdealShape. The benefits outweigh the negative by far.