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Isagenix is a well known name in the weight loss industry. They offer meal replacement shakes and other weight loss products. Their aim is to make losing weight easier for you and they do this with their unique products like the IsaLean Shake. This is going to be a through Isagenix-shake review to help you understand every aspect of related to this shake.  After reading this Isagenix-shake review we really hope you can perfectly judge what is and isn’t most suitable for you.

Firstly we will look in to Taste:

As seen in many Isagenix-shake reviews, they are very flexible when it comes to taste. Isagenix offers various flavors, dairy and non- dairy. The dairy flavors are Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy French Vanilla and Strawberry Cream. The dairy free options include Rich Chocolate, Vanilla Chai and Natural Berry Harvest. They also have a Kosher Shake Nat Creamy Vanilla flavor option, and they also offer “PRO” shakes in Natural Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, French Vanilla and Strawberry Cream.

If you are a gym/fitness enthusiast or just someone who likes their gym time, the PRO shakes are a great option for you. They include high amounts of protein which is great for developing muscle and burning fat.

Judging by the isagenix-shake reviews, consumers really seem to enjoy how isagenix shakes taste. They are said to have a rich and creamy texture, the texture is thick but not too thick where it may be hard to drink. The shakes do not have any artificial sweeteners or an unpleasant after taste.

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They Come in Six Different Flavors:

⮚ Chocolate

⮚ Mocha

⮚ Vanilla

⮚ Strawberry

⮚ Salted Caramel

⮚ Vanilla Chai

Isagenix Shake Nutritional Facts

Let’s talk a look at the label for the Isagenix Creamy French Vanilla Shake, which is one of their well-balanced shakes that aren’t too high in protein. Diet shake reviews show that this shake is great for staying active and building lean muscles.


Isagenix shakes contain 240 calories per serving. This is higher than most shakes, and if you’re looking into a faster way of losing weight you would require something with lower calories. But if you aren’t adding anything to your shakes you just may be able to get away with it.

While many meal replacement shakes include between 100 to 200 calories per serving, some shakes have less than 100 calories per serving. With the Isagenix shake, you would be taking in as much as 480 calories a day with just 2 daily servings of the shake combined with only water.

Protein Sources:

There are 24g of protein per serving in the Isagenix shakes, which is so much more than what many meal replacement shakes offer. The main protein used is whey, which contains a high-quality chain of amino acids, and aids beautifully in muscle growth and repair.

But more importantly, the proteins used are whey concentrate and milk concentrate – and we like that they chose the concentrate options for the high health benefits and the fact that they are less processed and offer more nutrients.


Each serving of Isagenix shake provides 8g of dietary fiber, which helps in supressing hunger and aids in improved digestion. What’s interesting is that both the carbs and fat content are high, which definitely contributes to the higher calories overall.

The carb content is 24g per serving, which is okay if you exercise frequently and will be burnt off, but not so much if you spend much of your day stationary, with little activity. And the fat content is 5g per serving, with 1.5g of it coming from saturated fat – the “bad fat” you don’t want.

Other beneficial ingredients:

Isagenix shake also contains a range of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, C, E, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. In addition, there is an enzyme blend in each shake formula to help with digestion and proper absorption of nutrients.


Isagenix shakes have both pros and con when it comes to being “sweet”. There is a whopping 11gs of sugar per serving now that is a little insane. Again, this undoubtedly adds to the high calorie count per serving.

We get that the shake needs to taste good, but sugar is the worst ingredient for weight loss and the sugar amount absolutely should not be this high.

On  the other hand, we do commend the fact that only natural sweeteners are used and no artificial ones are added. Natural fructose is found in the ingredients, which is a controversial ingredient, but it’s not artificial.

Isomaltooligosaccharide powder is also seen to be present which is said to be a low calorie sweetener. According to Isagenix, the consumption of these sweeteners won’t lead to an increase in blood sugar.

The fact that there aren’t any artificial sweeteners added is a welcome one as many competitors do add them and even if the artificial sweeteners are FDA approved, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be harmful in the long run.

Who are the masterminds behind the Isagenix Shakes?

Isagenix IsaLean Shake is a product of Isagenix International, a reputed MLM company focused on providing personal care and health-related products. It was founded in 2002, and has headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona. Its products are divided into the weight loss, energy, performance and healthy aging categories.

Other products they offer:

There are many other products by Isagenix International that are popular in the market. Some of them are below:

1) Shake and Shot Pak: This is a combination pack of bars, shakes and tablets all designed to provide invaluable nutrients as well as help you build muscle mass and boost energy levels in your body.

2) Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System: This is a combination pack that also includes a cleansing kit and is aimed toward slowing down the process of aging in your body. It is said to support telomere, or an essential part of human cells that affect how the cells age, thus preventing aging at the root level. It also leads to increased energy and stronger muscles, along with helping you create a healthier lifestyle.

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3) Shake and Cleanse Pak: This is a pack that is meant to support overall body health as well as aid in the detoxification of the body—helping to remove toxins. It is also said to give increased energy and prevent cravings for foods that are not good for you.

4) Athlete’s Pack: Meant for those who perform intense physical activities and need more energy and muscle power in their daily life. It is said to help in muscle repair and growth.


Isagenix shakes are available in individual packets or canisters on the company website. However, a canister only contains 14 servings of shakes, for a price of $51.95.

We think this is on the high end considering that for a 28 day supply of shakes, you will spend $3.71 a shake. This isn’t bad considering that you are replacing an entire meal, but there are definitely shakes that cost less.

If you chose to become a distributor of the shakes, you can save on your orders.

Summing up if you’re looking for a low calorie meal replacement shake and want to lose weight fast, this shake may not be for you. Nevertheless, this shake is quite effective in building lean muscle and tastes delicious based on many diet shake reviews. It contains one of the highest protein levels you will find in meal replacement shakes and has been proven to be effective. If you don’t mind the high price and calorie point, this might be the shake for you.