Pruvit Keto OS Review

  • Protein 3.5/10
  • Probiotics 10/10
  • Superfoods 10/10
  • Artifical Sweeteners 10/10
  • Controversial Ingredients 10/10
  • Value 10/10
  • Calories 10/10
  • Sugar 10/10
  • Cholesterol 10/10
  • Fat 10/10
  • Carbs 10/10
  • Dietary Fiber 5/10

Price Per Serving: $4.40

Nutrition Per Serving1












Dietary Fiber



Pruvit Keto OS

Since its release, Pruvit Keto OS has been one of the most-sought-after keto supplements. The high-quality keto diet plan helps users to jumpstart their weight loss journey by quickly promoting ketosis. But is this product really worth your attention? In order to know this, outlined below is a detailed Pruvit Keto OS review.

What is Pruvit Keto OS?

This is one of the latest supplements from Pruvit. The OS in this keto diet means an Operating System. Keto OS is a powder supplement that is designed to help consumers easily and safely attain ketosis with just 60 minutes. The keto diet comes with a multitude of health benefits which range from preventing diseases such as cancer, promoting weight loss, athletic performance, and improving cognitive performance among others. Keto OS also has anti-inflammatory properties and it is a great immune booster. The popularity of Pruvit Keto OS arises from the fact that the supplement tricks the body to use fat as a source of energy, leading to a rapid process of weight loss.

Pruvit Keto OS Ingredients

The main ingredients that are found in this keto supplement include beta-hydroxybutyrate, a high-quality salt that promotes ketosis. BHB contains high levels of potassium and sodium which are rich in electrolytes. From the Keto OS reviews, this supplement also has MCT Oil that is essential in aiding the digestion process. There is also malic acid and stevia which are used as flavoring agents. Malic acid helps to improve physical performance and reduce chances of kidney stones. The caffeine in this keto OS is beneficial in increasing the metabolism of fat and boosting energy levels in the body.

How Dose it Works

According to Pruvit, this Keto OS supplement usually allows users to attain ketosis within an hour of ingesting it. Note that it is not easy for the body to reach ketosis. Using the normal keto diet means that your body will end up taking time to adjust. Keto OS is an exogenous source of ketones that provides consumers with a faster and better way of attaining ketosis. The supplement contains BHB which is an effective source of energy once it gets into the bloodstream, it raises the levels of ketones in the body by using the fat cells.

By doing so, Keto OS leads to weight loss, improved mental clarity, and increased energy levels. Pruvit Keto OS reviews show that this supplement appeals to many consumers because it supplies the body with exogenous ketones. It raises the levels of ketone even if the body of the consumer wasn’t in a ketosis state.

What Are The Benefits of Using Pruvit Keto OS?

The use of the keto diet has become very popular. It’s currently being used by children to treat seizures and epilepsy. Its neuroprotective properties mean that it’s beneficial for the aged who suffer from neurological diseases. While the research on ketosis is still ongoing, here are some of the expected benefits of using keto OS.

  • Weight Loss

It’s one of the most popular benefits of keto OS. The supplement raises the level of ketones in the body which help to suppress appetite and improve the metabolism of fat. The combination of these two effects leads to weight loss while ensuring that the effects are long-lasting.

  • Balancing Blood Sugar

By promoting ketosis, the keto OS diet helps to reduce food cravings especially carbs. It normalizes the blood sugar by lowering high levels of the sugar that’s caused by ingesting sugary foods. Besides that, it helps to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin. By improving the levels of blood sugar, the keto OS diet plan has proved to be beneficial in diabetes type 2 and the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

  • Increased Energy Levels

The Pruvit ketones play a significant role in improving athletic performance. It increases the rate of blood flow which helps to boost the functioning of mitochondria, the powerhouse of the body. It causes the size of blood vessels to increase, resulting in an improved supply of oxygen which results in a better motor and athletic performance.

Keto OS has a wide range of health benefits. It’s an anti-oxidant rich supplement that is often associated with a number of issues such as treating migraines, stabilizing mood, preventing stroke and cardiovascular disease, improving the levels of blood cholesterol, managing metabolic syndrome among others. For children with autism, ketosis helps to improve social and emotional behavior.

What Does It Taste Like?

Keto OS contains sweeteners such as malic acid and stevia. However, most users usually take time to fully embrace the taste of this supplement. There are about four flavors which consumers can choose from Orange Dream, Raspberry Lemonade, Maui Punch, and Chocolate Swirl. The powder can also be mixed with water for a plan natural taste. Apart from those, almond milk and coconut water are also great for blending the powder.

How Do You Take This?

Taking this supplement isn’t difficult. In fact, it provides convenience to a lot of people who have demanding schedules.  Keto OS should be taken twice daily, with at least six hours in between. You can take it mid-morning and late in the afternoon. Because this supplement sparks ketosis which leads to loss of electrolytes, ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Your diet should not have flour, grain, refined sugars, and wheat. Schedule your meals and get enough sleep while you are on the keto OS diet. Lastly, a simple workout routine will help to enhance the effect of this supplement by promoting faster weight loss.

Pruvit Keto OS Side Effects

There are numerous benefits that are associated with taking this ketone supplement. However, this does not mean that some people may end up experiencing side effects. Keto OS is formulated with different ingredients which may cause allergic reactions or impact the body in a negative way, especially for beginners. Common side effects of keto OS include:

  • Digestive Problems: this supplement contains MCT oil which can cause digestive issues like stomach pain, gassing, diarrhea, constipation among others.
  • Low Blood Sugar: Note that ketones help to lower high blood sugar and this can go beyond the normal level. If you are a diabetic, consult with a health care professional before using this supplement.
  • Bad Breath: keto OS leads to ketosis. The increased levels of ketones in the blood often cause bad breath.
  • Bad Aftertaste: as much as, stevia, a natural sweetener is usually added to improve the taste of Pruvit keto OS, it has a bad aftertaste. Consumers have reported a bad taste that lingers in the mouth for a while.

Users of keto OS should be aware that the long-term side effects of using a supplement as a source of exogenous ketone with a non-keto diet is still not known. The available research about exogenous ketones has very limited information and there is the need for more research. The benefits and side effects of keto supplements will become clear as more information about them is revealed.

Is This Diet Supplement Good For You?

Well, most people are usually torn about the effect of exogenous ketones such as the Pruvit Keto OS. The use of a keto diet is a new trend that’s popular with those who want to lose weight and maintain healthy lifestyles. Evidence suggests that this supplement is beneficial in promoting weight loss. It is a great performance enhancer that helps to boost mental focus and physical endurance. Additionally, keto OS is great in inhibiting appetite. It supplies the body with fiber which helps to reduce food cravings.

There is no doubt that consumers of this supplement usually end up with sustained and high energy levels, reduced chances of inflammation and normal blood pressure. Pruvit Keto OS works. The Keto OS reviews how that it’s a highly effective product with very mild side effects. Consumers have reported an improvement in their overall lifestyle. For those who are starting out and want to manage their weight, this diet is good.

However, users should be aware that there is a limited information about ketosis and its effect on the body at the moment. There are still numerous researches being conducted on its benefits and consumers are advised to exercise a lot of caution when using a keto supplement. It’s also important to talk to your doctor about the exogenous ketones so as to avoid horrible side effects.

How Much Does it Cost?

According to Pruvit, consumers should take two servings of this supplement daily for optimal performance. As per this recommendation, it means that a 14-day supply of this keto diet will cost $182, 00. This means that a single serving costs $6, 50, which is very expensive. However, customers can get discounts when they purchase the supplements from retail stores such as eBay, Alibaba, Walmart, Amazon, and many others.


  • Helps the body to reach ketosis within an hour
  • Provides energy boost
  • Enhances fat burning
  • Improves mental alertness
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Prevents the onset of the keto flu
  • Allows you to have cheat days


  • Very expensive
  • Has a horrible aftertaste

Final Thoughts

Pruvit Keto OS is an amazing source of the exogenous ketones. Using this supplement comes with a lot of benefits. It helps the body to quickly attain ketosis and its effects usually last for a long period of time. If you are looking for a ketone supplement that promotes weight loss, controls appetite, and improve the levels of energy in the body, then Keto OS can easily help you to reach your wellness goals.

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