Shakeology vs Idealshape: Which Supplement is Better?

Meal replacement shakes are currently the staple products for weight loss. The supplements help to the spark metabolism of fat without creating a deficiency of the essential nutrients in the body. There are numerous brands of meal replacement shakes in shelves which makes it difficult for consumers to choose the most suitable product. Shakeology and Idealshape are two dominant products in the weight loss industry and their popularity is as a result of their effectiveness.

About Shakeology

This is one of the most used meal replacement shakes in the weight loss industry. Its popularity is high because of its effectiveness when it comes to curbing hunger and enhancing the rate of metabolism. Shakeology is a vegan-friendly shake and that’s why it has an enormous number of users.

About IdealShape

This a renowned low-calorie supplement that has a wide range of users thanks to its unique ingredients and weight loss benefits. Idealshape helps to reduce the consumer’s daily caloric intake, creating a deficit that leads to weight loss.

Idealshape vs Shakeology Ingredients

These two supplements are formulated by different brands hence their differences can be spotted from the ingredients which are used to formulate them. Both Idealshape and shakeology contain plant-based ingredients which are safe and healthy for consumption.

Shakeology Ingredients

Shakeology review indicates that the ingredients used to formulate these shakes are plant-based. The wide range of high-quality ingredients work by curbing the consumer’s appetite and enhancing the rate of metabolism in the body. They include:

• Fiber Blend

Shakeology contains a rich fiber blend that’s derived from ingredients such as apple, Konjac, L-glutamine and psyllium seed husk all of which help to increase the feeling of satiety for 3-4 hours. The fiber blend also helps to regulate the blood sugar levels, enhance the digestive health and eliminate harmful toxins from the body.


• Protein-Blend

This meal replacement shake contains a rich protein blend that’s derived from milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate and isolate. This protein combination contains high amounts of amino acids which help to enhance the development of lean muscle. Furthermore, protein helps to reduce hunger pangs and increase the rate of metabolism.

• Superfoods

The best meal replacement shakes are usually formulated with various superfoods which are usually rich in antioxidants. Shakeology reviews indicate that this meal replacement shake contains high amounts of the phytonutrients blend which are rich in antioxidants which help to flush out damaging radicals and improve the consumer’s immunity.

• Prebiotics and Probiotics

This supplement contains a high amount of pre and probiotics which help to improve the digestive health as well as immunity. Probiotics help to improve the gut health and alleviate symptoms of gas, diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps etc. while supporting regular bowel movements.

IdealShape Ingredients

Idealshape reviews indicate that this supplement features organic ingredients which help to enhance the growth of lean muscles and improve the overall development of the body. Idealshape contains the following active Ingredients:

• Inulin

This is a prebiotic fiber which helps to increase the production of gut bacteria. Note that a healthy gut leads to an improved process of digestion and better bowel movements.

• Whey Protein Isolate 

It contains a wide range of essential amino acids which help to spark weight loss, enhance bone strength and physical endurance. Whey protein also gets absorbed easily.

• Whey Protein Concentrate

This easily absorbable protein helps to increase cell metabolism and the development of lean muscles. It also increase the muscle strength and physical endurance.

• Slendesta

This is a patented potato-protein extract that acts as a hunger inhibitor. Slendesta promotes the high production of the Cholecystokinin hormone which helps to enhance the digestion of protein or fats, especially after meals.

• Raspberry Ketones

This is an organic ingredient that’s normally obtained as a berry extract. Idealshape reviews indicate that raspberry ketones help to spark thermogenesis by increasing cell metabolism and leading to weight loss. It also helps to curb hunger for 4-5 hours by reducing the consumer’s appetite and hunger pangs.


• Green Tea Extract

This extract is usually rich in caffeine, a compound that helps to increase energy levels in the body and accelerate the rate of metabolism. Green tea extract contains catechins which help to accelerate and regulate weight loss and weight management.


To aid the process of digestion and improve the digestive health which is essential for weight loss, Idealshape contains enzymes such as amylase, lactase, Cellulase, Lipase, protease among others.

Idealshape vs Shakeology – Vitamins and Minerals

Both Idealshape and shakeology contain a rich blend of vitamins and minerals which help to enhance the general development and to nourish the body. They include:

  • Vitamin B: Enhances muscle and nerve cells function.
  • Vitamin A: Improves immunity and promotes the development of healthy hair and skin.
  • Vitamin D: Promotes bone health, heart health and enhances the immune system.
  • Folate: improves moods and the functions of the bran.
  • Copper: enhances nerve function and increases energy levels in the body.
  • Niacin: Helps to regulate the blood cholesterol
  • Calcium: strengthens the teeth, nails, and bones.
  • Vitamin B12: it promotes the production of red blood cells and enhances the circulation of blood oxygen.
  • Iron: increase the energy levels in the body and supports blood health.

Idealshape® vs. Shakeology®


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Shakeology vs Idealshape -Nutrition Facts

Nutrition helps to determine the effectiveness of a meal replacement shake. Nutrition information involves components such as calories, carbs, sugars, protein, and fiber. Below is the nutritional comparison of Idealshape vs Shakeology.


1. Calories

The number of calories in a shake heavily determines its effectiveness when it comes to accelerating weight loss. Most people who want to quickly shed unwanted weight usually prefer meal replacement shakes with fewer calories as it helps to create a deficiency that’s required to spark fat metabolism. There is no huge difference between shakeology and IdealShape when it comes to the number of calories as IdealShape contains 100 calories while shakeology contains 130 calories.

2. Carbs 

Low-carb supplements are the most effective when it comes to weight loss and weight management. Both shakeology and Idealshape are usually termed as low-carb supplements but Idealshape has a much lower amount of carbs, i.e. 10g per serving while shakeology has 14g.

3. Sugars

Meal replacement shakes with high amounts of sugar usually slow own the weight loss process and that’s why supplements with low amounts or zero sugar are usually the most preferred. Idealshape has 1g of sugar while shakeology has 7g of sugar.

4. Dietary Fiber 

Fiber helps to curb appetite by suppressing hunger and creating a feeling of satiety. Shakeology reviews show that this meal replacement shake contains 3g of fiber, a very low amount to effectively curb hunger. Idealshape on the hand has an almost similar amount, 5g of fiber per serving.


5. Protein

Protein helps to curb hunger, spark metabolism and promote the growth of the lean mass. This means that high amounts of protein in a shake is essential for a faster and better weight loss results. Shakeology contains 16g of protein per serving, an adequate amount that leads to effective weight loss results while IdealShape contains only 5g of protein per serving.

Shakeology vs Idealshape – Flavors

It’s important for meal replacement shakes to be available in more than one flavor since different consumers have different preference of taste. Flavor helps to create versatility in that consumers will have a wide range of options to select from.

Shakeology Flavors

To cater for different taste buds, this meal replacement shake is normally formulated in a wide range of unique, sweet and delicious flavors. Vanilla and strawberry that the most loved shakeology flavors. Other basic types of shakeology flavors include:


  • Chocolate Vegan
  • Café Latte
  • Vanilla
  • Tropical Strawberry Vega
  • Green Berry
  • Strawberry
Idealshape Flavors

Just like shakeology, this meal replacement shake is also available in more than one type to suit different taste buds. The basic and preferred types of IdealShape flavors are:


  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla Chai
  • Orange Cream
  • Salted caramel
  • Strawberry
  • Salted caramel
Shakeology vs Idealshape – Benefits

Shakeology and Idealshape have been uniquely designed to accelerate the weight loss process while offering dieters other benefits which are vital for growth and development of the body. These supplements provide consumers with long-lasting benefits which may be noted physically.

Benefits of Ideal Shape

Idealshape reviews indicate that this meal replacement shake offers a wide range of benefits. This protein-rich weight loss supplement that contains low amounts of calories contain benefits such as:

• Curbing appetite for long periods of time.
• It’s a good source of high-quality protein which promotes the development of lean muscles.
• Idealshape is a low-sugar as well as a low-calorie supplement that is highly effective in delivering weight loss results.

Benefits of Shakeology

Shakeology reviews indicate that this vegan-friendly shake that is safe and healthy for consumption by people who are not tolerant to lactose. Shakeology meal replacement shake offers consumers benefits such as:

• Reduced hunger pangs and enhances the feeling of satiety. Shakeology can curb hunger for 3-4 hours.


• It’s a great source of healthy nutrients which help to promote the user’s overall development.

• It contains plant-based ingredients hence it can be used by vegans or those who are intolerant to milk.

Idealshape vs Shakeology-Results

The results of IdealShape or shakeology depend on the consistency of use as well as reinforcement with other factors. Is the meal replacement shake being used once or twice daily? Additionally, people who use either shake with a good diet and a workout routine usually get better results.

Idealshape vs Shakeology – Price

Most shakes are usually expensive for long-term use and this is what usually turn away most people. Shakeology reviews show that a single package of this supplement which has 30 servings costs a total of $129.95 which translates to $4.33 per every serving. Idealshape, on the other hand, costs just $49.99 for a package with thirty servings i.e. $1.67 hence it’s very cheap.

Final Thoughts

In the comparison review of Idealshape vs Shakeology, Idealshape has an upper hand. Despite shakeology having high amounts of protein which are required for muscle growth, Idealshape has high amounts of fiber, low carbs, low-calorie, and low sugar levels. It is also cost-friendly which means that a lot of people actually prefer it.