About Thrive and 310 Shake

There is absolutely no better way of shedding extra weight than using meal replacement shakes. These products contain ingredients which help to increase the metabolism of fat and curb hunger. 310 nutrition indicates that this supplement is a mouthwatering shake that is full of healthy ingredients. It contains 90 calories per every serving and its weight loss results are long-lasting. Replacing one or two meals with 310 shake could lead to better health as well as an increase in energy levels. Thrive shake is a wellness product that’s manufactured by Le Vel. The ultra-premium supplement has been designed to enhance the development of lean muscles, weight loss, and general fitness. It assists dieters to reach their best physical form and attain better mental performance.

Thrive Shake vs 310 Shake – Ingredients

Most people usually compare the ingredients in a shake in order to determine their effectiveness. Meal replacement plans with organic ingredients are the most preferred since they are not only effective but also safe. Below is a breakdown of ingredients found in these two meal replacement shakes.

310 Shake Ingredients


A feature that has made 310 Shake very popular with many consumers is its ingredients. This meal replacement plan contains various plant-based ingredients that provide consumers with a rapid and effective weight loss. Some of the main ingredients found in 310 Shake are:


• Tri-plex Protein Blend

They are brown rice, pea, and hemp protein. This high-quality protein blend helps to suppress hunger and reduce food cravings. The protein blend encourages the growth of muscles and they help to preserve the lean mass. Besides those, the tri-plex protein blend accelerates the metabolism of fat and promotes a quick recovery process.

• Vitamin & Mineral Blend 

This shake contains various minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, Vitamin A etc. These ingredients help to support various organ functions, improve the health of the consumer and promote safe weight loss.

• The Greens Blend

310 Shake contains a greens blend that’s derived from superfoods like pomegranate extract, alfalfa juice, spirulina, kale, beet juice, broccoli etc. the greens blend is rich in antioxidants which help to flush harmful radicals from the body and to increase the level of immunity in the body.

310 Shake is a high-quality meal replacement that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. The dairy-free and soy-free shake contains zero sugar.


Le Vel Thrive Shake Ingredients

Thrive-Shake-IngredientsThrive Shake features various types of ingredients which blend together to form a potent meal replacement shake. They help to ensure that the consumer is well satiated and accelerate the metabolism of fat. The ingredients are:

• Protein

Thrive shake is formulated with three types of proteins i.e. whey protein concentrate, pea protein, and soy protein. This rich protein blend promotes the feeling of satiety by reducing hunger pangs. They also increase the rate of metabolism and preserve the muscles.

• Fiber

This shake contains oat fiber which not only helps to promote the feeling of satiety but it also reduces high blood cholesterol. Besides that, the oat fiber also helps to regulate the level of blood sugar and enhance the gut health leading to a better digestive process.

• Probiotics and Enzymes

For weight loss to be successful, there is need for a better digestive health. It’s for this reason that Thrive Shake contains various digestive enzymes which help to promote the breakdown of carbs, protein, fat, and others. They include cellulase, amylase, protease, lipase etc. This shake contains the Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that helps to support the gut health.


• Superfoods Blend

Thrive contains 19 different minerals and vitamins which help to promote good health and weight loss. They include Vitamins C, A, B6, and E as well as zinc, magnesium, copper, and iodine. Additionally, it also has extracts of Garcinia Cambogia & caffeine.

• Caffeine

This organic ingredient helps to increase the rate of metabolism. Caffeine enhances the burning of body fat leading to weight loss. In addition to those, it also curbs hunger by acting as an appetite suppressor reducing your daily calorie intake.

• Garcinia Cambogia 

This is another active ingredient found in the Le Vel Thrive Shake. The fruit extract helps to reduce food cravings by suppressing appetite. It’s also a fat burner thanks to the hydroxycitric acid which helps to promote the metabolism of body fat.

Thrive® vs. 310 Shake®


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Dietary Fiber




Price Per Serving

310 Shake®

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Price Per Serving

310 Shake vs Le Vel Thrive Shake – Nutrition

These supplements are manufactured by different brands and as a result, they have different levels of nutrition. The shakes contain plant-based and artificial ingredients which help to promote weight loss. Outlined below is the 310 vs Thrive Shake nutrition comparison.


An effective shake for weight loss should contain few carbs in order to enhance weight loss. Both 310 shake and thrive shake contain almost the same amount of carbs i.e. 9g and 7g of carbs respectively.


A good shake should contain a few grams of sugar. However, some of the best shakes usually contain zero sugar content because there is a direct relationship between weight gain and sugar. Thrive shake contains 2g of sugar per serving while 310 shake has none. This means that 310 shake is more effective thanks to its zero sugar content.



It’s worth noting that the fewer the calories in a shake, the more efficient it is in sparking weight loss. At just 90 calories, 310 shake is better and more effective than 110 calories in Thrive Shake. 310 shake provides significant weight loss results within a short period of time as it’s effective in creating a calorie deficit.


This is an ingredient that promotes a feeling of satiety. Fiber helps to reduce hunger pangs. Additionally, it provides consumers with long hours of satiety thereby lowering food cravings. The lower the fiber content in a meal replacement shake, the more effective it is. Both 310 shake and thrive shake have the same fiber content i.e. 5g per serving. This means that their effectiveness when it comes to curbing hunger is the same.


This is an ingredient that helps to enhance the growth of lean mass. Besides that, protein helps to increase the metabolism of fat leading to weight loss. The best shakes usually have high protein content. Just like the dietary fiber, both 310 and Thrive Shake have the same amount of protein i.e. 15g per serving. This means that their effectiveness when it comes to protein content is the same.


Le Vel Thrive vs 310 shake –Flavor

An important aspect that most dieters check out for is the flavor. What are the various flavors of the shake? Are they tasty? Etc. The availability of multiple versions of flavors means that consumers have various options to choose from. 310 nutrition is available in flavors like strawberry, chocolate Vanilla etc. the shakes have a creamy fine texture and delicious taste. Meanwhile, Le Vel Thrive Shake has the strawberry, Apple pie, Chocolate, and Vanilla flavors all which are sweet. However, Thrive Shake, unlike 310 shake has an aftertaste which is caused by artificial sweeteners.

How Do They Work?

These shakes are formulated with ingredients which help to activate cell metabolism or to reduce the consumer’s calorie intake. So how do they work in order to result in weight loss?

Le Vel Thrive Shake

This supplement contains ingredients which are easily absorbed and they lead to reduced appetite and increased rate of metabolism. Note that an increased rate of metabolism leads to the breakdown of more fat which leads to weight loss. Meanwhile, the reduced food cravings mean that the consumer will end up with fewer calories in the body which leads to the conversion of glucose to fuel.

310 Shake

The primary function of 310 shake is to enhance the rate of metabolism. It’s a fat burner that accelerates the rate of metabolism leading to the conversion of fat to fuel. 310 shake is free of stimulants and it contains few calories. The 310 nutrition helps to create a calorie deficit in the body by reducing the dieter’s calorie intake.


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Note that that the effectiveness of these two supplements not only depends on the ingredients but also lifestyle changes. First, you need to ensure that your diet is healthy and it should include fruits and vegetables. Secondly, it’s important to incorporate a moderate workout routine. Lastly, ensure that you avoid stress and get enough sleep.

310 Shake vs Le Vel Thrive – Side Effects 

Meal replacement shakes come with various benefits as well as disadvantages. The ingredients that are used to manufacture them contain compounds which may result in harmful side effects to the consumer. This is why it’s important to seek medical advice first before consuming meal replacement shakes especially if you are under medication, breastfeeding or you are pregnant.

310 Shake Side Effects

This shake usually contains mild side effects that go away after a few days. They include stomach upsets, nausea and bloating. Please note that if the symptoms persist seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Side Effects of Le Vel Thrive 

Le Vel Thrive shake can cause adverse side effects especially in people who are allergic to some of its ingredients. Oat fiber, for instance, can cause bloating and gassing. Overall, this meal replacement shake can cause digestive problems, nausea, and headache. Note that an ingredient such as Garcinia Cambogia has been banned because of its harmful side effects.

Where to Buy

These shakes can be purchased in local stores including grocery shops. Additionally, they can be bought from e-commerce outlets such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay etc. 310 shake is normally packed with 28 servings cost $68. This basically means that a serving costs $2.43. Thrive Shake cost $65 per a package with 16 packets. This means a serving costs $4.06.

Final Thoughts

So which shake is the best between these two products? Well, 310 shake has an upper hand. It contains few calories, zero sugar and it’s free of artificial sweeteners. Additionally, this supplement is also cost-friendly compared to the Le Vel Thrive Shake.


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